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O.P.I. – Suzi’s Hungary Again ! – NL E73

Wow, this polish is pink ! Like, hot pink with barbies melted into it, but neon, and really, really pink! Totally love this colour !

Application was okay. I went for a clear base coat, and this is 3 coats but you can clearly see my smile line. So I should have worn a white base polish !

It dries with a semi-matte finish, as neons often do, and it is a fast drier. Can totally see myself rocking hot pink tips this summer 🙂

O.P.I. - Suzi's Hungary Again!

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Swatch – O.P.I. – Can’t Find My Czechbook – NL E75

I’m a total sucker for pale blue polish this spring. Can’t Find My Czechbook is from the O.P.I. Euro Centrale Collection and totally scratches that itch.

The formula is okay, you can see it streaks a bit – especially on my middle finger – you need to get the brush loaded just right, since it sets pretty fast. But since blues are always tricky to formulate, and pastels are usually streaky, I think it could have been a lot worse ! I’m sure top coat would have evened it out.

This is 3 coats, you can see the finish is pretty nice. A great, standard pastel blue for sunny days 🙂

O.P.I. - Can't Find My Czechbook

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O.P.I. – I Theodora You

I was totally lemming over this polish for a while. And it’s pretty nice !

The formula is pretty good, it doesn’t dry very fast but does have a glossy finish. However, it did streak a bit, which was especially noticeable on my super-white tips, so I did 3 1/2 coats to get this effect. Admittedly, I’m crap at applying gellies, I just coat them too thin so they don’t level too well. Anyway, I would recommend 2-3 thick coats on this instead of going with skinny layers.

O.P.I. - I Theodora You


Anyway, very happy with this one, it’s summery, girly and office friendly 🙂

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Rave Review – OPI – I Saw… U Saw… We Saw Warsaw – NL E81

Before I even show you a photo, I have to say, this is a total rave review. I splurged out on a few O.P.I. nail polish on the boat over to the UK (well, on the way back, too!) – mostly from the Euro Centrale Collection from this spring. I wasn’ t so hot on this collection to start with, but it’s actually totally growing on me !

I reviewed My Vampire is Buff – a great pale neutral for nail art, and have another couple of reviews coming, but … Warsaw is my total favourite!

I Saw… U Saw… We Saw Warsaw is a deep, inky blue creme. It’s a bit like Midnight Cami by Essie without the shimmer. Except Midnight Cami is a total drag-monster !

Application was especially great. It went on in two coats, no dragging at all, it self-levels beautifully and it dries fast to a high-shine finish. Plus, you get the classic O.P.I. brush, which I totally love – flat, wide, flexible and an even spread.

O.P.I. - I saw... U saw... We saw Warsaw


Coming up tomorrow – Can’t Find my Czechbook & Suzi’s Hungary Again, they will be more balanced reviews, I promise 🙂

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O.P.I. – My Vampire is Buff – NL E82

Sorry to spam you with swatches this weekend – after the nail art challenge in April, I have a huge backlog to get through. Plus, I like having plain photos like this as a reference!

I grabbed My Vampire is Buff from O.P.I.‘s Euro Centrale 2013 collection. It was just about the only one in that collection that really inspired me, since a lot of the others are similar to the China Glaze Spring collection – which I can buy cheaper than O.P.I. – sorry, it comes down to that for me at the moment !



My Vampire is Buff is a pale neutral, perfect as a nail art base. I used three coats to get it opaque, though I can’t stand thick coats, so I think if you are a bit more generous with your nail polish, two would be enough. Formula was pretty good, and I just got minimal bubbling – because I didn’t let the first coat dry properly, I suspect! That’s pretty standard with creme polishes though!

Basically, a nice, plain, clean, opaque base, for neons, pastels and/or nail art 🙂

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April Challenge – Day 4 – Green

As much as I adore green, I wasn’t feeling especially inspired. But, I decided to copy Craftynails’ Copycat of Theodora Nails from Oz. This came with 2 added bonuses – 1 – green is a great witchy colour – 2 – I finally got to open My Pointe Exactly, that I bought in a fit of madness 15 months (!) ago only to realise it wasn’t a creme and relegate it to a dark corner.

Day 4 - Green

I used Thames (Butter LONDON) and My Pointe Exactly (O.P.I.).

Don’t forget, you can bump up your number of entries in my 100 followers giveaway by joining in !

… Or just check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

Short and Sweet in Texas 30 Day April Challenge

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