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#NAILLINKUP – Aqua Nail Art

Yay, it’s Monday!!!

… Err, no, actually I hate Mondays. Always have. Speaking of which, I used to have a Garfield the cat bedspread with “I hate Mondays” on it. Because I loved Garfield. Mostly because I idolised my uncle, who loved Garfield, haha!

Now that you know a few useless interesting facts about me, lets talk nails!

#Naillinkup Aqua Nail Art A England Galahad

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Color Club – Age of Aquarius

I’ve another swatch for you this evening (yay!). It’s another Color Club sample that I got, this time along with an order of Nail Stuff (you know, fimo canes and non-fluffy cotton pads). Age of Aquarius is a striking blue that tends slightly to aqua. It’s more bright than pastel, but definitely not neon.

Color Club - Age of Aquarius-001

This colour, along with corals, is incredibly popular this season, and this is a pretty good version of it. That slight lean to aqua makes it just a little different to others on the market. The formula is okay. It was opaque at two coats but I added a third to try to even it out – which wasn’t as successfull as I’d have liked. Still, I’ve seen a lot worse elsewhere, and the finish is naturally glossy.

Color Club - Age of Aquarius

Great basic colour for any skin tone, and since the brand isn’t too expensive, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up on it 🙂

In other news, I got some amazing nail mail today that I can not wait to share 🙂


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Zoya Rocky

So I know that there are swatches of this colour everywhere!

It’s very hard to get hold of Zoya in France, so I was so pleased when this came in stock, but surprised to see that the colour isn’t quite what I found on swatches. So I’d like to show you how it looks to me 🙂

Zoya Rocky is definitely blue. But there’s some teal hiding in there somewhere. It’s absolutely gorgeous ! It’s both bright and pastel, and I’m pretty sure I could get away with it in the office (as long as it’s outfit-coordinated). Plus, that tint does differentiate it from the other pale blues out this season, and is very flattering to any skin tone.

The formula is pretty smooth for a blue, don’t be tempted to overwork it though. I used 3 coats, but only because I smudged the first two – it is a pretty slow dryer, so I added some fast dry top coat to speed things up 🙂

Zoya Rocky


It does dry half a shade darker than in the bottle and totally pops !

Do excuse the beige background, tinting the photo was the only way to get the colour accurate 😉

Oh, and excuse the cuticles, I need to give them a good soaking in warm oil to get them hydrated again …

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Essie – Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It’s Me *picture heavy*

Happy Monday !

I hope everyone’s got a nice week ahead of them. Where I work, things are really amping up; but I’m also working on a couple of side projects that you’ll hear about very soon on this blog 🙂

I saw these beautiful polishes at the supermarket local to work and could not resist! Beautiful, bright neon cremes.

First up, Bottle Service. A hot pink. Of course, being a neon, it’s translucent. This is how it looks with no undies (wooo!) :

Essie - Bottle Service

I love the semi-matte finish of these neons 🙂

The formula for Bottle Service is very very thin ! I actually prefer thin, personally. But to see so little coverage at 3 coats was still a bit of a bummer. Still, it dries very quickly and doesn’t streak.

Essie - Bottle Service

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Bourjois – So Laque – Adora-bleu

Hello girlies, sorry for my absence yesterday. I’ve caught a big fat cold (thank you, horrible cold, wet May!) and wasn’t feeling too clever at all.

However, this week hasn’t been a total fail, I got given the most beautiful gift from a friend – nail polish of course !

In the words of the great Run DMC : “Check this out !”

Bourjois - So Laque - Adora-bleu

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