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Macro Monday – Valentines Polish

Happy Monday!

If you work weekdays like I do, you probably dislike Mondays as much as I do, too! Yet, it is just another day… And the next weekend will come around before you know it!

I love doing Macro Mondays, and this time, it has a Valentines theme! I made these two up for the boutique, as themed nail polish is such a fun way to enjoy seasonal events!


Heart of Gold is a mix of large gold hex (yep, it’s holo!) and smaller gold hex, and some pretty red hearts 🙂

Heart of Gold Macro


And for a softer, more romantic look, I mixed white and pink dots with red hearts to make Lovey Dovey. It looks especially cute over blue, but works great on black too 🙂

Lovey Dovey Macro

PicMonkey Collage


I’ll soon be sending out a newsletter with snapshots of the Spring collection! So if you’d like to hear more about what’s coming, please do sign up here 🙂


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Macro Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week starts off well 🙂

I decided to get my macro skills back in shape. I’ve been playing with a lot of duochrome pigments to make some fun polish for the boutique, so that was a challenge to photo! Here’s my pick of a couple of hundred photos 😉


First up, I think I’ll call this polish Valkyrie, it’s very deep and dark. Although it’s hard to tell with the duochrome micro flakies shining like this, the base is a very dark, bloody red.

Macros Valkyrie


Secondly Armoury. This polish kind of happened by mistake when I mixed up a couple of pigments randomly. I’ve already started testing it for wear, and you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s opaque in 2 coats! (okay, well I was surprised…)


Macro Armoury Collage


And lastly, Faerie Fire. This polish is definitely inspired by Fantasy Fire, but is a red alternative, with a two-level duochrome – the blue shimmer goes more or less purple, and the base changes from cherry red to brick red. Another happy accident 🙂

Collage Macro Faerie Fire


Anyway, I love using Macro Mondays to hear what you think of my experiments! So tell me, which do you like best and why?

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Monday Macros – Bruised Ego, Fools Gold & Violet Kisses

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone’s week gets off to a great start 🙂

I thought it was time I did some Monday Macros! These are all polishes that I’ll be listing this week, so check out my boutique if you’d like to order any.  If there’s one you desperately want, just leave a comment, or send me an email at and I’ll create a listing just for you!

Bruised Ego is a warm purple with a duochrome shimmer that changes from blue to green. It kinda rocks! It will be listed at 8.50€ since those duochrome pigments are expensive!

Bruised Ego

Fools Gold is an old, coppery gold with flecks that shift from gold to green according to the angle of the light. I’ll be listing it at 8€

Fools Gold

Viollet Kisses is a glitter top coat with a mix of silvery, purple and pink glitters. This polish has been tested for two whole months, and the glitter has definitely proven its quality! The listing price will be 7.50€Violet Kisses

I hope you all like! 😀

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Monday Macros are back !

So it’s nearly not Monday any more, but now the OMD Challenge is over, I want to get back to sharing macro shots with you 🙂

These two are glitterbombs that I made this weekend. I’ve not tested them yet but I hope they work out, I’m so happy with the combo !

DSCF6687 DSCF6695


What do you think?


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Monday Macros – Shimmer *Glitterbomb alert*

So awesome Nail Mail number two turned up on Friday night. Cindy from Shimmer Polish had contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would mind reviewing some polish for her – of course I said yes !

But my jaw totally dropped when I got home to find ten full-size glitter bombs had arrived ! As luck would have it, I had a whole weekend pretty much clear to play with them – a nail polish -aholic’s dream, huh girls ?!

Since it’s Monday, here are the macros 🙂 Check out Cindy’s store if you can’t wait to see more, but I’ve split them up into 4 posts that you’ll get to see this week – and you won’t be disappointed ! Literally every time that I gaze into a bottle, I decide, yep, this one is my favourite. Then the next one catches my eye… I have literally cycled through every single one more than once now 😉

Continue reading

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Monday Macros – Brijits Digits collection

So I promise I won’t mention the Etsy store for a whole week now !

But I do love my macro mondays, so I have 6 from polishes that I listed this weekend for you. If you’d like to know more about the polish or see swatch photos, click through, and it’ll take you to the corresponding listing, where I’ve put all the details 🙂

Blue Bubba Céline Neon Countryside Crime Scene Firebird Is it a Boy? Out of Peach

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