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{Luxury Lacquers Spring Giveaway}

Hi lovelies!

If you follow some of the blogs on my Blog Roll, you may have already heard of this giveaway! I’m very excited to be teaming up with these lovely ladies to offer you this giveaway, all organised by the fantastic Luchessa she’s worked super hard on organising this, so please do take a look, join in and check out the other bloggers that are participating ❤

Good luck, girls!


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Guest Post – Winter Blues by Craftynail

Happy Friday!

You all know Jax from Craftynail, right? You should, since we collaborate on the Nail Art Ideas Linkup! Well, she’s one of the awesome friends that I’ve made through blogging (seriously, I would go crazy if it weren’t for her!) and because she’s such a sweetie, she offered a guest post up while my hand heals a bit more ❤


Hello Brijit fans! My name is Jacqui and I run a U.S. nail blog called Craftynail. Brijit and I are great blogging buddies! Even though she’s in France and I’m in New York, it’s so cool that WordPress and our love of nails brought us together! I’m very happy to share a post on her blog during her mini hiatus.

I do a lot of nail art on my blog, but today I’d like to show you some blue nail polish swatches. I’ve been wearing a lot of blue lately because it’s a great color for wintertime, but also because I LOVE BLUE NAILS! I just love glancing down at my hand to see blue fingertips- they’re so fun, bold and confident. It’s like making a statement to the world, “Check me out! I’m no shrinking violet!”

There’s so many great blues out there, and if you asked me which are my faves I’m sure I could put together a massive list! But today I’d like to show you some of my newly acquired blues that I just love. It’s a nice variety too- a dark, a bright, a metallic foil and a matte. I will surely be wearing these babies this season…

DARK BLUEBUTTER LONDON ROYAL NAVY. Royal Navy is a super shiny and opaque dark navy blue cream. Almost a one-coater but I like to do two coats just to play it safe. Navy is fashion-forward and classy. Everyone needs a good navy in their stash!

butter london royal navy

BRIGHT BLUEBRIJITS DIGITS BLUE FLAME. Yes, I love this bright blue. Yes, Brijit made it. Need I say more? It doesn’t stain your nails AT ALL, and it wore for days and days without chips. It’s gorgeous on me, if I do say so myself!

Brijits Digits Blue Flame
METALLIC FOIL BLUE ZOYA CRYSTAL. From the first time I wore it went to the top of my list of faves. It’s got so much goin on in there! Here’s how Zoya describes Crystal: Light, silvered shiny blue metallic foil with sparks of brilliant yellow gold. A cool, snowy winter blue that’s ideal for any Ice Princess.

Zoya Crystal

MATTE BLUEZOYA PHOEBE. Phoebe is from Zoya’s Matte Velvet collection. I really enjoy owning special finish nail polishes like this one. Phoebe does double duty- it’s beautiful when it’s matte, and it really lights up when you add a shiny topcoat.

Zoya Phoebe

Now I’m curious to know what your favorite blue is. Go ahead and leave a comment! I really hope you enjoyed my swatches and I look forward to seeing you online! Feel free to track me down on my blog, facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, or bloglovin. Take care, Jacqui aka Craftynail

My favourite blue ever is Butter London Blagger! I’ll have to do a proper review of it soon 🙂

A big thank you to Jacqui, and the other lovely ladies – Helena of Procrastacreation and Sarah of Très Chic Nails – who have guest posted for me this week! 

Also, a quick note to remind you that I’m starting a newsletter about the Brijits Digits Boutique – so if you would like more news about my indie nail polish, please sign up here (there will be one in English and one in French!)

Pour les francophones, il y aura un newsletter en français pour vous aussi! (c’est sur cette page que vous pouvez vous abonner) ❤

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Guest Post – Stripy Nail Art by Très Chic Nail

Hey girls! 

My hand is starting to look a bit more healed. I dare to hope that I might even get started on the Crumpet’s GOT Polish challenge this week! In the meantime, of course, I put a call out for guest bloggers. One of the lovely ladies that contacted me is Sarah from Très Chic Nail

I hadn’t heard of her blog before, but I’m glad that she got in touch! Her. Nails. Are. STUNNING!


Hi, I’m Sarah from Très Chic Nail and I am thrilled to do a guest post for Brijit’s Digits! I’ve actually never done a guest post for anyone before,  so let’s just see how this goes!

I really like stripes, especially on nails. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t do stripes often because cutting up scotch tape into thin strips is quite tedious. But recently I got striping tape (this is the first time using it actually) and it has made the process a whole lot easier! Yay!
For this design, I used 2 coats of China Glaze Frostbite for the base colour. When that was dry, I laid down vertical strips of tape as evenly as I could. Then, alternating between Sally Hansen Instadri SIlver Sweep and Sally Hansen Instadri Pink Blink, I painted over top and pulled the tape immediately. Usually I wouldn’t choose this kind of colour combo, but I actually quite like it! Take a look!

SAM_2713 SAM_2714 SAM_2716


A huge thank you to Sarah! I’m so glad that I discovered her blog, and that she was kind enough to help me out in my hour of need! 

And don’t ya just love these stripes?! I love edgy-yet-feminine nail art like this, so I’m a huge fan! What do you think, my lovelies?

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Guest Post – Disney-inspired Nail Art by Procrastacreation

Happy Monday ladies! 

So, after my cats-ident last week, my hand is still bandaged, and not really photo-ready just yet. Luckily for me, Helena from Procrastacreation kindly offered to help out by providing a guest post! 

To cheer you up on a (probably) boring Monday, it’s super cute!


So, Brijit very kindly allowed me to do a guest post today! I won’t lie, I really rather like this Minnie Mouse inspired mani, and it’s surprisingly simple to do. 

In this mani, the two base polishes are Nails Inc King Edward Street (red) and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white, with a hint of grey). I then used a white Rio nail art pen to do the polka dots, and a black Barry M nail art pen for the mouse head and the outline of the bow.

If you’re wondering how to do the bow, then I’ve got some step-by-step instructions over on my blog at

I normally blog over at Procrastacreation, so please do pop over and have a look at all my other designs!



A big thank you for this helping hand! I really enjoy reading Procrastacreation, so definitely recommend to you all that you check it out for more original nail art, or for crafty DIY tips too!


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Fairytale Nail Art Tutorial

Hey girls!

Gosh, is it Sunday already? The weekend always goes by too fast…

I just wanted to direct you over to Luchessa’s blog to see my tutorial 🙂 Luchessa is such a sweetie, and such a great blogger (I can’t believe she only had her first bloggoversary recently, she is so professional!), I was really touched that she asked me for a tutorial. It was a real collaboration, too, she had so many great ideas for me ! So go on, click on the image to see it


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