My Pointy Gel Nails

Hello my darlings!

Only Tuesday, huh? What a long week this is starting out to be 😦 the weather where I am has gone cooler and rainier, which is a disappointment. At least the clocks changed and I get to see a bit more daylight now!

So, on Sunday I decided to try doing gel nails again. You can click here if you want to see my first attempt!

And, well I mostly did it by filing, but I wanted to make them pointy! What do you think?
UV Gel Nail Extensions - pointy nails, almond nail shape, RaNails UV Gel  - Copy


So, they’re not totally even, and they flare a bit too much at the tip. I did actually buff them out and re-balance them a bit already, but they were still pretty good for a second try! Also, the nail shape was mostly done by filing the hell out of them. Which made a tonne of dust, and I’d like to cut that step down a bit (or a lot) to make things go quicker 🙂UV Gel Nail Extensions - pointy nails, almond nail shape, RaNails UV Gel -001 - Copy



Still, it’s a lot of fun to try out a new nail shape, whilst protecting my square nails underneath (which are starting to grow faster now that spring’s kicking in!) and without committing to a new nail shape right off the bat. I do love the shape, and it’s suprisingly practical!

With long, square nails, you can’t really use the end of your fingers at all! But, with pointy nails, you can use the sides of your fingers just fine. It’s hard to type at first as your finger tends to rock to one side, but I got the hang of that quickly, thankfully 🙂

So, I’m very much enjoying these, but I think I’ll be staying with my nearly-squares for the moment 🙂 that’s just what I’m comfortable with, I guess.UV Gel Nail Extensions - pointy nails, almond nail shape, RaNails UV Gel -002 - Copy

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7 thoughts on “My Pointy Gel Nails

  1. Craftynail says:

    they look great!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Oh these look great on you!

  3. gnarlygnails says:

    i love the look and i loved having mine for a time. they are fun! but i definitely saw some not so nice comments about how they looked – i just dont know why more people cant welcome the pointies with open arms!

    • Oh! Total fan girl moment! Thank you for checking out my little blog 😀

      I can understand that not everyone might like them, but it’s sad to hear that anyone would take the time to write something mean!

  4. Kitsu says:

    They look fantastic! That’s such a great idea testing out new nail shapes with gel. Whenever I try something new my nails just end up breaking D:

  5. vonimoller says:

    They’re a little too pointy for me BUT I like em anyway

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