Copyright & Disclosure

I don’t blog for free nail polish. The vast majority of products used have been bought by myself (at full price), unless mentioned otherwise, for honest and frank review. If you have a product you would like me to review, and are willing to provide it at no or reduced cost, please get in touch. However, this will not guarantee you a positive review, or any review at all.

I’m not here to slander any brand. If I like something, I’ll say so, if I don’t like it so much, I’ll say so too, but if I really hate it, I won’t publish it !

Any freebies received are always signalled clearly. No reviews or swatches will be anything other than honest and heartfelt, and I would never consider entering into a relationship with a company or individual that I do not believe in.

All of my pictures are my own or public property. You may not claim them as your own.

Brijits Digits wholeheartedly supports indie nail polish makers. If you are an indie polish maker and I review your product, feel free to use my photos. However, all pictures used must remain watermarked – unwatermarked photos may only be used with my express and explicit written permission.

As far as I am aware at the time of posting, no product featured or used on my blog is tested on animals. I believe in beauty without cruelty!

I do not currently host any affiliation links. If you click on a link, it does not earn me any commission. Any links provided are for reader’s information, that’s all. Likewise, any promotional codes or reductions are available to any readers, and do not earn me any commission.

Brijits Digits on Etsy is a seperate project also run by myself. While proceeds from the Etsy shop will be used to purchase products for the blog, and my creations may be discussed on the blog, no reader is under any obligation to check out the shop. However, from time to time, promotional codes may be provided on the blog for the shop.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me : or leave a comment below

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