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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 7.Holo

I’m incredibly lucky that Black Sheep Lacquer recently sent me some beautiful nail polish to swatch. As far as I’m aware, this shade is not named yet and not listed either [edit : Margarita Monster can now be purchased here], but it is just so stunning I couldn’t resist showcasing it for holo day 🙂

It’s a super smooth gelly, a little sheer, but it dries so fast, it’s not a big deal to have to layer a bit! Here’s a swatch :


No top coat here – it is sooo shiny. And just because, honestly, I don’t even know how this polish could be improved upon by nail art, I kept it very very simple :


Here’s the Inlinkz for today, do click on it to see everyone’s entry 🙂

7. Holo : 

Or you can click on this last image to go to the reference page and take part !


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Holographic French Manicure (Black Sheep Lacquer)


So this weekend has been busy !

It’s been pretty dreary weather-wise and so we haven’t really been out, but I spent yesterday sorting out prize packs for the OMD Rather Awesome Challenge with Eeeek + Crafty, then making up some new stock for the Etsy shop – making the actual polish/cuticle oil doesn’t take long, but cleaning up sure does ! Then I printed up labels and we went out for dinner (nothing fancy, just a steak house). Then today the weather was really bad so I worked on some new listings, a sort-of-guest-post, cupcakes for a colleague’s birthday (it’s a tradition in our office!) and I finally got round to the holo mani that I have been planning on doing since I discovered a super sparkly pink holo polish by Black Sheep Lacquer !

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Pink and Sparkly nail polish from Black Sheep Lacquer

Who loves pink holo glitter? Kel loves pink holo glitter, mhhhhhm ! (anyone else remember that one? nope, just me then…)

Well, obviously everyone loves pink holo glitter !

I’ve ordered from Black Sheep Lacquer a couple of times now, and there were offers on for buy two full size get a free mini. Well, I just love Erin’s style, and could never choose, so I just asked her to surprise me. And I was so happy to get holos both times ! First time it was Falling Sky, this time I got (I think) Poke Me Pink. I say I think, because I found it to be a lot more sheer than the photos on Etsy (not that that’s a bad thing !). I used this nail polish in the leopard French mani tutorial I put up on Tuesday 🙂

Actually, I really love it at one coat, the sheer pink is just the right shade to even out my nail colour, and it is screaming out to me to do a French mani with it – with holo-silver tips, of course !


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Black Sheep Lacquer – Happy Goth

It’s Sunday afternoon already ! I apologise for my absence yesterday. Usually Saturday is a big blogging day for me, but yesterday, I had such a lazy day. Then in the evening, our internet provider decided to give us zero upload capacity – not great for blogging.

But it’s worth the wait, I have a beauty to show you today !

I grabbed this one from Black Sheep Lacquer‘s Etsy store. Happy Goth is a beautiful lavender foil. It’s got a dark edge to it, and so far this spring has been a bit dreary, so it suits my mood just perfectly !

First of all – sans top coat :


As usual from Black Sheep, the formula is just impeccable. I did see a little streaking on the first coat, but a second coat evened it out perfectly. My base coat is totally transparent.

I love the glowy semi-matte look, but  I tried this polish with topcoat too, and it really brings out the sparkle!



Gorgeous polish, I love the shimmer to it! It has a pretty cold glow and feels feminine, yet rock-chic to wear 🙂

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Black Sheep Lacquer – Blitz

Here’s another polish I have been wanting to post about since march ! I really love it, but the first swatch I did, I was too impatient, and the colour I used underneath bubbled because I didn’t let it dry… School girl error…

Anyway, I got it right this time ! Blitz is a transparent-blue/gold flakie top coat from Black Sheep Lacquer. I only did one generous coat, over Butter London’s Tea with the Queen (a lovely neutral creme with an apricot tint to it). I don’t have a lot to say about it other than the formula is relatively thick (though not badly), and keeps the flakies suspended perfectly – I didn’t even bother giving this a shake ! Drying time about average, application just fine…

Here’s what it looks like :

DSC03624 DSC03629

I’m totally in love, this is going to be a summer polish, it looks amazing in the sun !

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Black Sheep Lacquer Swatches – Lateralus & Falling Sky – PHOTO HEAVY !

I heard about Black Sheep Lacquer through the Indie Blogathon at Mommy Loves Nail Polish. And I’m so glad I did!

I’ve not ordered from a Canada-based store before, so I just ordered 2 polishes to test, in case shipping became a problem. Actually, they came through very fast – in just 6 days ! Now, I can order something from 50 yards down the road and it can take 3 weeks to be delivered, so I was pretty impressed!

There was something on the Etsy store about a free mini polish with any order of 2 full-sized, but I wasn’t sure if this was valid, so I left a note to surprise me, and Erin, at Black Sheep Lacquer certainly did ! She included a free mini of Falling Sky. Which is so totally my kinda polish, she got that one spot on ! There are a lot of indie sellers out there, and for me, the difference is in the detail. I have never tried an indie polish I didn’t like, but I do really appreciate the personal touches; that’s what makes it more interesting than ordering from a big brand ! Erin doesn’t disappoint on this front. She has a blog, if you’d like to check that out, but how she finds the time, I don’t know – because every one of the polishes was packaged in the most darling way –  that must take forever ! They were all swirled up in stripy paper, tied off  like little sweets. So cute ! This is clearly a lady that is passionate about what she does 🙂

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