OMD Challenge Reference Page

For a reminder as to how it all works, please check out the explanation here


Once you have uploaded your mani to your blog/instagram/public facebook page, you need to…

  1. Add your mani to the Inlinkz collection below – so that we can all see your lovely nail art! Click here to see how to add your link to our collections
  2. Add your entry to the correct rafflecopter (prize A – USA; prize B – UK & ROI; prize C – the rest of Europe & Canada; prize C – Rest of the World)



Here are the Inlinkz !


1. Pink :


2. Blue :


3. Purple : 


4. Black & White : 


5. Skittles :


6. Neon :


7. Holo :


8. Matte :


9. Textured :


10. Metallic


11. Stripes :


12. Dots :


13. Stars :


14. Flowers :


15. Hearts :


16. Ruffian/Half-Moon :


17. Gradient :


18. Delicate :


19. Glitter :


20. 3-D Nails :


21. Stamping :


22. Animal Themed :


23. Music Themed :


24. Inspired by a Tutorial :


25. Inspired by a Movie :


26. Inspired by your favourite Holiday/Vacation :


27. Jewellery :


28. Inspired by a TV Show :


29. Inspired by Fashion :


30. Favourite Comic Book (or Character) :


31. Recreate your Favourite (by someone else) :



Rafflecopter Links


Enter your Nail art for Prize A here (for USA residents)


*there was a technical error with the prize B rafflecopter when we opened the links, you may need to re-do your first entry (or entries) – sorry for the inconvenience*

Enter your Nail art for Prize B here (for UK & ROI residents)


Enter your Nail art for Prize C here (for European & Canadian residents)


Enter your Nail art for Prize D here (for anyone who lives outside the USA, Canada, Europe and UK/Eire)


Good luck to everyone !


34 thoughts on “OMD Challenge Reference Page

  1. […] everyone! It’s Day 12 of the OMD Challenge! If you haven’t joined, check it out here on how to enter (: We’ll love to see what you come up […]

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