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#Naillartlinkup – Snowflakes

#Naillinkup - Snowflakes

Happy Tuesday. Yep, sorry, it’s not even nearly the weekend yet 😦

I’m really bad at keeping up with our NAIL themes. I kind of feel bad, since I’m one of the organisers, but I’m one of those people that needs quite fixed and relatively urgent time limits, otherwise I end up procrastinating and forgetting. Which is odd, since I’m also one of those people that everyone else thinks is super organised! Well, actually, for those that know me best (hi, Mum!), I force myself to be organised because I’m a naturally messy, disorganised person!

So this month, I promise I’ll keep up! This will probably mean I do them all early, haha.  Continue reading

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#31DC2013 – Flowers

Hey ladies!

Well, our internet is being a pain again, it may not be fixed until Tuesday (boo!) so in the meantime, I’ve worked out that if I push my phone right against the window, I can just about get enough 3G to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot. Most of the time. So let’s hope that this post works !

My base colour is Ciaté – Candy Floss. This pink really surprised me, it has a great cool tone to it that is super flattering. The first coat is very sheer and streaky, but the second is just perfection!

31DC2013 - Flowers Continue reading

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#31DC2013 – Stripes

Please note that I no longer recommend Bondi New York as a company. For a full explanation, please see this post.


So the theory behind this mani is quite simple, it’s just a red base colour with striping tape masking as I applied my black leather effect polish.

Thing is, after the first 3 nails, I remembered why I usually freehand my stripes with a brush! What a pain. Still, it looks pretty cool. And on that note, boys have really funny taste in nails; I can do the most complex mani in the world, and the one my bloke compliments me on is the one with just a few strips of tape… Go figure!

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#31DC2013 – Polka Dots

Hi girlies!

I think my September blues is starting to blow over. I’ve had such fantastic support from friends recently, and so many lovely compliments from you, and one of my favourite brands got in touch to offer me a press sample (you’ll all know about it when it arrives ! follow my instagram if you want sneak previews), so everything’s looking a bit more fun. I’m also considering a re-design this autumn for a more wintery theme (still keeping the basic layout and minimalism) – what do you girls think? I really value your input 🙂

I used this prompt more as an excuse to doodle than to really plan out and do a ‘proper’ nail art, but I’m really quite pleased with the result, they look pretty cute 🙂

31DC2013 - Dots-001

Both colours are China Glaze – the grey is Elephant Walk and the light coral/pink is I Wanna Lei Ya. These are great colours to put together for a mid-season mani, and totally compliment each other!

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#31DC2013 – Metallic Nails

I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend! We trundled off to the local craft store to brainstorm Christmas gift ideas (hell, if I’m making stuff, I’m starting early!) 🙂

I’ve said it before, now I’ll say it again – yay for simple nail art! For my metallic nails, I decided to try for minimal/futuristic, and did a half-moon mani.

31DC2013 - Metallic Continue reading

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