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Ozotic 502 Swatches *picture heavy*

Ozotic 502 Collage


This is the last of my Ozotic collection, I wanted to get around to swatching them all, so here ya go!

502 changes from red to burgundy, through orange to gold. There’s a hint of green in the bottle, but I didn’t get that to come out on the nail.

Application is pretty standard for an Ozotic – I used one coat over black, since that brings out the colour shift most strongly. The swatches aren’t underwater, and there’s no top coat 🙂 Continue reading

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Zig zag (chevron) Nail Art with piCture pOlish (PMT, Atomic & Mad Magenta)

Good afternoon 🙂 is everyone having a nice weekend?

We woke up this morning to torrential rain. I love how heavy rain clears the air, and the clocks just went back, so even after a long night’s sleep, we still have all day ahead of us. It’s a great feeling!

piCture pOlish - Mad Magenta - Chevron Nail Art Continue reading

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piCture pOlish – Peaches’n’Cream with foil triangles

Thought I’d show you a quick mani I wore this week – it was featured on my Instagram too 🙂

Now I’ve got the new brushes for my piCture pOlish collection, I’m trying to use them more – they really are much more easy to apply. So I decided to revisit Peaches’n’Cream. I’m definitely a lot happier with it now, but I’m still not sure if it’s the pale peach for my skin tone. And of course, I couldn’t resist adding some foil triangles to spice it up a bit!

picture polish - peaches n cream Continue reading

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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 28. TV Show

I realise that we’re about ten years too late, but my bloke and I have been really getting into Stargate recently!

We’re on season 9 of SG1, lol.

So it was pretty easy to pick a series for this theme. And I thought that PMT by piCture pOlish fit the bill nicely for the dark, stony gate 😀


Continue reading

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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 9. Textured

I’m a couple of days behind, haha, oops !

So keeping it simple to catch up – the prompts towards the end of the month are so much complicated anyway, I know I’ll get to stretch my creative muscles a bit…

When it comes to textured polish, I love mine black and leathery best – so here I have used Nails Inc Leather effect and Barry M Croc effects – with a little stud, since the only thing cooler than (fake) leather is studs 😀

DSCF5247 DSCF5255

Here’s the Inlinkz for today, do click on it to see everyone’s entry 🙂

9. Textured : 

Or you can click on this last image to go to the reference page and take part !


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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 8. Matte

I know, I know, I’m a day behind. I’ve been battling with Clingy Kitty (formerly Naughty Kitty) to get things done…. Anyways, I’ve gone purple again today !


Since I got the new brushes from piCture pOlish, I’ve been re-trying them all, and I’m so much happier – the brush is a real deal-breaker for me, that’s why I’m so fussy about the ones I use for my polishes 🙂

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