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Gosh – Fairytale & Lambada


Hello my darlings! I hope everyone’s had a nice weekend?

We spent our Sunday having lunch with my man’s Mum, then we went for a nice walk in the forest to burn it off. It was good fun, and the forest is so beautiful at this time of year 🙂

Gosh - Fairytale-001

I have two GOSH shades to show you today, first up, Fairytale. This is a deep blu-ish teal, it’s very pigmented but on the second coat was so streaky, it was a real bummer 😦

Gosh - Fairytale

The finish is beautiful and shiny, maybe a third coat would have evened it out, but it doesn’t dry very fast, so I didn’t feel like I had the time.

Gosh - Fairytale-002

GOSH retails at almost 9€ a bottle. That’s about average in France, but then I realised the bottles are only 8ml, which is very tiny. I usually won’t go over 1€ per ml, so that’s saying something. The brush is nothing special, but I like how the base of the bottle is heavy, it makes them very stable.

Gosh - Lambada

Fairytale is a very bright red, but really doesn’t do a great job at covering. I tried to apply the second coat a little thicker, but this just made it flood my cuticles.

Gosh - Lambada-001

It dries a little faster than Fairytale, but has a similar, very shiny finish. I would recommend it for shorter nails, though 😉Gosh - Lambada-002

Have a nice week, lovelies!

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Gosh – 008 Berry Me


So is everyone having a nice weekend? We are 🙂 yesterday we had a look around the shops in the next town, mostly just did window shopping but I did get a nice new swatching lamp. That’s pretty good news as the light goes quite early already, and the days are going to keep getting shorter. So I thought I’d better test it out on a polish that’s been sitting in my swatch box for a while : Berry Me by Gosh
Gosh - 008 Berry Me (3) Continue reading

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