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piCture pOlish – Vampire & PMT

I’ve got a final couple of piCture pOlish swatches for you – Vampire and PMT. Admittedly these are not typical summer colours, but they are both colours that I wear a lot, so I still would like to share!


Vampire is a bloody red gelly. The finish is really stunning, but I did do 3 coats for good opacity. As with many other gellies, the first coat was a bit streaky, but it does even out beautifully if you don’t overwork it.

piCture pOlish - Vampire

PMT is a classic grey, as usual it dries a little darker than in the bottle. It definitely has a blu-ish lean to it, but is very flattering and has a great finish. I went for 3 coats again, the formula is highly pigmented but a little too thin for thick layers.

piCture pOlish - PMT


There you go girls ! That’s your piCture pOlish lot for now 🙂

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O.P.I. – I Theodora You

I was totally lemming over this polish for a while. And it’s pretty nice !

The formula is pretty good, it doesn’t dry very fast but does have a glossy finish. However, it did streak a bit, which was especially noticeable on my super-white tips, so I did 3 1/2 coats to get this effect. Admittedly, I’m crap at applying gellies, I just coat them too thin so they don’t level too well. Anyway, I would recommend 2-3 thick coats on this instead of going with skinny layers.

O.P.I. - I Theodora You


Anyway, very happy with this one, it’s summery, girly and office friendly 🙂

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My New Favourite Red – Butter London Saucy Jack

Happy Monday, everyone !

I’m trying to do less swatches and more nail art at the moment, the April Challenge sure helps with that ! But I’m going to swatch this one for you anyway, because I am in love with this polish… Yep, the soft focus is totally appropriate 🙂

I like my reds bloody, shiny and deep, and this jelly pushes all my buttons !

Butter London Saucy Jack


This is 3 coats; no top coat. The colour is awesome. The first coat was a deep raspberry colour, but by the third coat, it matched the bottle perfectly. As per usual with Butter London, overworking this polish is not recommended, the formula is perfectly self-levelling, neither thick nor thin, and drying time is about average.

I totally understand that Butter London is fairly expensive compared to other brands, but if you can afford yourself the luxury, this shade is a sexy, visceral red, guaranteed !

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Swatch – Barry M (Gelly Nail Paint) – Blood Orange (234)

I assumed that a blood orange colour would be somewhere between orange and red. But having carefully researched (Googled) “blood orange”, I was suprised to find that the shade is more akin to raspberry red !

After the catastrophe that was Barry M’s Bright Red Nail paint I wanted to give Mr M another go at impressing me with a red. So I went for Blood Orange from the Gelly (Hi Shine) collection :

Being a jelly, it is entirely normal that it looks a little different depending on the light. But what did surprise me is that (1) it dries very fast and (2) just two coats gives pretty good coverage. It also evens out all on it’s own, and of course, as a jelly, the shine is magnificent !

This is a really beautiful, easy-to-wear polish, and as such, I officially forgive Barry M for the Bright Red Fiasco ! I shall never speak of it again.


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