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piCture pOlish – Violet Femme, Mad Magenta & Flirt

I’ve built up quite a few piCture pOlish swathes to show you. It’s been a bit difficult to decide what to say because there are just as many things that I dislike about these polishes as I like… And I don’t like talking badly about any brand !

So let’s get the bad out of the way first. I don’t like the brushes at all. This is what they look like :


Very skinny, very square, and not very flexible, so it’s hard to get neat cuticles and an even spread of polish. But the bottle top has a rubberised texture that is great to work with.

I also feel like the price is too high – 11€ for basic creme shades, 13-15€ for glittery or harder-to-find polishes. That’s pretty steep for 11ml bottles!

That said, the bottles look beautiful, they are thick-glassed, square and quite heavy.

Violet Femme is the first polish that caught my eye. It’s a super-pigmented deep purple with a smooth, semi-matte finish. It’s pretty stunning! I did get some shrinking back from the tips as it dried though, so if you try this polish, do cap them well.

piCture pOlish -  Violet Femme

Mad Magenta is one of the most beautiful magenta polishes I have ever seen ! It dries to a shiny finish, and is opaque in two coats.

piCture pOlish - Mad Magenta


Flirt is a classic hot pink, a little more muted than Mad Magenta. It’s also got a glossy finish, and I found the formula to be pretty good.

piCture pOlish - Flirt

The brush, however, had a bristle sticking right out ! I’ll snip it off, but it doesn’t help my overall impression of the brand…



These are great polishes if you can afford the luxury, and the colour range is spectacular. It’s just such a shame about these brushes !

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Essie – Bottle Service, DJ Play That Song & Bouncer, It’s Me *picture heavy*

Happy Monday !

I hope everyone’s got a nice week ahead of them. Where I work, things are really amping up; but I’m also working on a couple of side projects that you’ll hear about very soon on this blog 🙂

I saw these beautiful polishes at the supermarket local to work and could not resist! Beautiful, bright neon cremes.

First up, Bottle Service. A hot pink. Of course, being a neon, it’s translucent. This is how it looks with no undies (wooo!) :

Essie - Bottle Service

I love the semi-matte finish of these neons 🙂

The formula for Bottle Service is very very thin ! I actually prefer thin, personally. But to see so little coverage at 3 coats was still a bit of a bummer. Still, it dries very quickly and doesn’t streak.

Essie - Bottle Service

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O.P.I. – I Theodora You

I was totally lemming over this polish for a while. And it’s pretty nice !

The formula is pretty good, it doesn’t dry very fast but does have a glossy finish. However, it did streak a bit, which was especially noticeable on my super-white tips, so I did 3 1/2 coats to get this effect. Admittedly, I’m crap at applying gellies, I just coat them too thin so they don’t level too well. Anyway, I would recommend 2-3 thick coats on this instead of going with skinny layers.

O.P.I. - I Theodora You


Anyway, very happy with this one, it’s summery, girly and office friendly 🙂

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Pink and Sparkly nail polish from Black Sheep Lacquer

Who loves pink holo glitter? Kel loves pink holo glitter, mhhhhhm ! (anyone else remember that one? nope, just me then…)

Well, obviously everyone loves pink holo glitter !

I’ve ordered from Black Sheep Lacquer a couple of times now, and there were offers on for buy two full size get a free mini. Well, I just love Erin’s style, and could never choose, so I just asked her to surprise me. And I was so happy to get holos both times ! First time it was Falling Sky, this time I got (I think) Poke Me Pink. I say I think, because I found it to be a lot more sheer than the photos on Etsy (not that that’s a bad thing !). I used this nail polish in the leopard French mani tutorial I put up on Tuesday 🙂

Actually, I really love it at one coat, the sheer pink is just the right shade to even out my nail colour, and it is screaming out to me to do a French mani with it – with holo-silver tips, of course !


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April Challenge – Day 23 – Caviar

The shoulder’s finally feeling better, yay !

Double-yay, I have a really special mid-week guest post for you! Sabrina from the Polish Alcoholic wrote one for me. It’ll go up tomorrow, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. Since I have been nail blogging, I have been reading more and more other nail blogs, and I have a lot of respect for a lot of nail bloggers. But when it comes to Sabrina’s site, it goes beyond that, I turn into a proper fan girl. So please check it out tomorrow 🙂

Today’s mani for the challenge is caviar nails. I love caviar manis! For this one I mixed up some purple & pink beads and paired it with a metallic polish for contrast. I went for a half-moon motif, because that’s just about the only mani style I could think of that isn’t already on the challenge list !

And I think it looked pretty great 🙂


Don’t forget, you can bump up your number of entries in my 100 followers giveaway by joining in !

… Or just check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

Short and Sweet in Texas 30 Day April Challenge

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Illamasqua I’mPerfection – Mottle, Fragile and Scarce

Hi guys, I’ve got some quick swatches for you today, from the Illamasqua I’mperfection collection. These are designed to imitate wild birds’ eggs, and I couldn’t resist getting some for Easter !

The polishes are pretty pricey (about £15 / 20€ / $16) but I splashed out on 3 – Mottle (the greeney one), Fragile (the bluey one) and Scarce (the pinkey one). I’m mostly happy with these, but will I wear them outside the Easter period?

The first thing that underwhelmed me is the bottle. The brush is pretty average, but I hate the fact that, when firmly closed, it doesn’t line up. I can live with that in a cheap polish, but at this price, it’s a bit irritating…

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