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April Challenge – Day 3 – Yellow

I’m not a yellow person. It doesn’t suit me and I don’t like it. So this is pretty much the best I could do :

Day 3 - Yellow

I used Solar Power (China Glaze) and Phonailtic LacquerUptalk.

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Indie Polish Review – Phonailtic Lacquer (Spring Love, Uptalk, Liaison, Pink Noise)

I’m not too proud to admit that I was a bit nervous about reviewing indie polishes. Even if the seller is just doing it as a hobby, I don’t want to slag off someone’s hard work ! Luckily, I don’t need to here, Phonailtic Lacquers are great ! These 4 are the only colours in stock right now, but I sincerely hope that ‘Bley and Grue’ comes back, because that one looks especially great. They’re currently at 6.80€ for 11ml on Etsy.

The formula for all of these is pretty great, even though there are some hex glitters in there, they are all well suspended in the bottle, and don’t stick to the sides, you don’t have to fish to get them out !

Let’s start with Liaison. This was a surprising one. I was expecting, to put it bluntly, a glittery pink. But instead of being a girly Barbie nightmare, this is actually a classy wild rose pink with just a smattering of beautifully coordinated glitter in it. A lot more grown up than I was expecting, in a good way !

The formula was the best of the four, it went on very smoothly, and just 2 coats was fine. The glitter and shimmer came out pretty evenly and it dried fast. Without topcoat, it is still pretty shiny, and not too gritty to the touch :

Liaison (no topcoat)

But a topcoat (Barry M, since you’re asking!) brought out the shimmer a little bit more, and evened it out a bit:

Liaison (with topcoat)

Pink noise, however, came out ever so slightly chalky without a topcoat :

Pink Noise (without top coat)

But colour-wise, it is gorgeous! I just have to try this with a matte topcoat, to see if I’ll get an easter-egg look with this one. Just as soon as I find my matte topcoat, that is… (whoops!)

The pale pink creme is great, but it took 3 coats for me. A bit of a shame, as some of the glitter that went on with the first coat was obscured by the time I got to the third. Still, no harm done!

Pink Noise is the sparsest in glitter, which makes it the easiest to remove !

Pink Noise (with top coat)

The worst to remove was Spring Love. It came off, but instead of melting away into nothingness, kind of went rubbery, so I used an orange stick to get it off properly. That was with an acetone (I know, bad!) based remover, too…

Still, I was pleasantly surprised by this. I’m not a big fan of lilac/lavender colours, I prefer purples with a kick. But it has a gorgeous jelly texture that looks great with the glitter! I used 3 coats, and I think it looked fine without topcoat, actually :

Spring Love (without top coat)

But with a topcoat, it shines!

I would just love to wear this to a ballet performance, does that make me weird?

Spring Love (with top coat)

The biggest surprise was Uptalk !

I was expecting an acidic nightmare, but actually, with the golden shimmer, it felt more like a green-gold than a lime.

I did feel that, even at three coats, it wasn’t totally opaque. So next time I wear this (and I will !), I must remember a base coat.

Uptalk (without topcoat)

But that evens out quite a lot with a top coat. I was worried that the red specks would make it too Christmassy for February, but actually, they are very subtle, and just warm it up a bit.

Uptalk (with top coat)

It’s quite hard for me to get indie polish out in France, as most come from the States (and I have officially declared war on my postman!), but this polish comes from Cologne, in Germany, and dispatch and delivery were very very fast!

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