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Nail Fix Technique – Silk Wraps

It happens to the best (and worst) of us – a torn nail ! And it usually happens when you have a full set of nice long nails. But don’t fret, there is a fix! I’ve been using this method for a while, and it is a total life-saver. But I’ve learnt a lot through trial and error, so I thought this might be worth sharing 🙂

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Monday Macros – Shimmer *Glitterbomb alert*

So awesome Nail Mail number two turned up on Friday night. Cindy from Shimmer Polish had contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would mind reviewing some polish for her – of course I said yes !

But my jaw totally dropped when I got home to find ten full-size glitter bombs had arrived ! As luck would have it, I had a whole weekend pretty much clear to play with them – a nail polish -aholic’s dream, huh girls ?!

Since it’s Monday, here are the macros 🙂 Check out Cindy’s store if you can’t wait to see more, but I’ve split them up into 4 posts that you’ll get to see this week – and you won’t be disappointed ! Literally every time that I gaze into a bottle, I decide, yep, this one is my favourite. Then the next one catches my eye… I have literally cycled through every single one more than once now 😉

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Zoya – Breezi

So Breezi came out a couple of years ago, but I wanted to show it to you anyway, because it is the blue with the best formula in my whole collection !

Here’s 3 coats; if the polish thickens a little with age (as most do), I expect that 2 will be enough. It’s super shiny even without a top coat, and I wore it for a couple of days… No tip wear ! That’s pretty much unheard of, because my job is typing…

Zoya - Breezi


I also didn’t do any clean up, and although I’ll admit my cuticle line isn’t perfect, the fact that it looks so neat here really shows you how easy this formula is to work with 🙂


Zoya - Breezi-002


The second photo, I admit, is more colour accurate, but it’s a hard one to photo ! The less light there is, the more green it appears, oddly…


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Color Club – Age of Aquarius

I’ve another swatch for you this evening (yay!). It’s another Color Club sample that I got, this time along with an order of Nail Stuff (you know, fimo canes and non-fluffy cotton pads). Age of Aquarius is a striking blue that tends slightly to aqua. It’s more bright than pastel, but definitely not neon.

Color Club - Age of Aquarius-001

This colour, along with corals, is incredibly popular this season, and this is a pretty good version of it. That slight lean to aqua makes it just a little different to others on the market. The formula is okay. It was opaque at two coats but I added a third to try to even it out – which wasn’t as successfull as I’d have liked. Still, I’ve seen a lot worse elsewhere, and the finish is naturally glossy.

Color Club - Age of Aquarius

Great basic colour for any skin tone, and since the brand isn’t too expensive, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up on it 🙂

In other news, I got some amazing nail mail today that I can not wait to share 🙂


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Butter London – Trustafarian *picture heavy*

Here’s a great spring/summer polish for you – Butter London – Trustifarian. It’s holographic. Or duo-chrome or something. To put it simply, it has magic in it!

The polish is a bit sheer – I used 3 coats – it doesn’t seem to be altered by top coat, and is very hardwearing (3 days no tip wear with just one coat of top coat – this is unheard of for me!). Also, because the glitter particles are so fine, it’s not too tricky to remove !

Ready for some photo spam?

Butter London - Trustafarian


I know that some of these photos are under neon, some are natural/incandescent lighting and some are LED, but don’t ask me which is which…

Basically, all you need to know is that it’s stunning under any lighting !

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Color Club – Put a Pin in it

So  Eeek-ee-Pops isn’t the only one on a swatching kick !

Actually, I’m not on swatches to save the nail art for the challenge, rather, I’m trying to clear out my to-be-swatched box before the challenge – last time I did a month challenge, it overflowed (overflew?) 🙂

Also, I just received the new piCture pOlish brushes today, so I’ll be going back over those swatches soon – the brushes look just right to me !

For now, I have another sample-sized Color Club to show you, Put a Pin in It – this one was a collaboration with Joliebox (I think) a while ago. It’s been in my swatch box for a while, which I totally regret, because I love it !

Color Club - Put a Pin in it

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