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Monday Macros – Bruised Ego, Fools Gold & Violet Kisses

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone’s week gets off to a great start 🙂

I thought it was time I did some Monday Macros! These are all polishes that I’ll be listing this week, so check out my boutique if you’d like to order any.  If there’s one you desperately want, just leave a comment, or send me an email at and I’ll create a listing just for you!

Bruised Ego is a warm purple with a duochrome shimmer that changes from blue to green. It kinda rocks! It will be listed at 8.50€ since those duochrome pigments are expensive!

Bruised Ego

Fools Gold is an old, coppery gold with flecks that shift from gold to green according to the angle of the light. I’ll be listing it at 8€

Fools Gold

Viollet Kisses is a glitter top coat with a mix of silvery, purple and pink glitters. This polish has been tested for two whole months, and the glitter has definitely proven its quality! The listing price will be 7.50€Violet Kisses

I hope you all like! 😀

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Polish Alcoholic – Wulfenite

Good evening!

I’m not going to apologise for the lack of post yesterday – my ILNP Ultrachrome review was more than 2 posts’ worth 😉 plus, well, life is too short to spend feeling guilty for silly things!

And don’t worry, I’ve got a good post for you today! I’m a bit obsessed about finding the perfect apricot nail polish – not too light, not too bright, but a nice, clean, pigmented pale orange. I realise this isn’t the most normal thing to get fixated on, but I’m me and that’s the sort of thing I do!

Well, the gorgeous Polish Alcoholic kindly sent me Wulfenite to try and I think that my quest might be over!

Polish Alcoholic - Wulfenite-001 Continue reading

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Polish Alcoholic reviewed Brijits Digits Nail Polish !

Good morning! It’s bright and early here – 7am, and I’m up and at ’em! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I fell asleep before the clock even hit half past 9, so I guess that meant I wouldn’t have anything of any real quality for you 😉

Anyway, I bet that every single one of you already follows Polish Alcoholic. Well, if you don’t, you should! Not only does Sabrina have utterly gorgeous nails, she’s also an amazing nail artist, she makes her own polish and she is just the sweetest person ever! So you can imagine how happy I am to see her review Brijits Digits nail polish ❤

Click the image below if you’d like to check it out

Brijit's Digits1

And I know there’s a good chance that she’ll read this, so thank you again honey pie xx

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The Crumpet reviewed Brijits Digits Nail Polish !

Hey ladies !

I just wanted to direct you over to The Crumpet, I’m utterly thrilled that she liked my polish so much ! If you don’t know this blog already, you should! It’s a real supporter of Indie Polish, and she’s such a lovely lady, I totally recommend it 🙂

Did you want to see that colour changing one I did a bit better? Well, here’s the place ! Click on either image to go through

The Crumpet


And just in case the lovely Debbie reads this – thank you again ! I’m so so happy to see my polish on your gorgeous blog ❤


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