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Polish Alcoholic – Bradypodion *picture heavy*

By far the best thing about blogging is the amazing friends you can make. One of those beautiful ladies is Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic. I just love our email chats about nail polish! And recently, she decided to surprise me with some awesome nail mail! If you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen. Basically, it was an Anny polish, FOUR Herômes (both brands aren’t available in France) and two incredible multichromes from her very own collection!

So today I want to show you Bradypodion. This is available for 8.50€ right here in Sabrina’s Etsy shop.

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-007

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-008 Continue reading

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Vivid Lacquer VL 012 Stamping Plate

Hey ladies, sorry for those of you further West, but I just have one more day to go to the weekend 😀

This evening, I’m going to show you the last of three stamping plates that Anni of Vivid Lacquer kindly sent for me to review! The review for the first of the three (VL  009) is here if you’d like to see it and the second, (VL 015) is here.

This time, it’s VL 012 – which is also currently out of stock. But Anni restocks really regularly, so check that out here and add it to your favourites if you like what you see! I think this plate might just be my favourite ❤

I used nearly all the motifs, everything except the bubbles. First up, the lotus patterns, in Barry M Gold Foil Effects over China Glaze Charmed, I’m Sure. The lines are beautiful and crisp, even I couldn’t mess up this stamping!

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-006

And the colour combo, *pow*, I love it! I might have to try to get away with a mani like this in the office sometime…

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-007

I decided to go a bit funky after that, and went for a French mani as the base, then stamped over it in China Glaze Vintage Crepe and Sacred Heart. I think I like how this looks, but I think it might be more suited to the summer 😉

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-002

Still, colour combination aside, the Koi carp come out beautifully! See the detail?

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-001


love the fishies! There’s also little versions of them, if you like. And both the big and little versions are in mirror image and opposite relief, so you can stamp the lines or the filled part – I love that, it’s so versatile 😀

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also froggies and geckos! Both full-cover and the little critters individually

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-005

Yes; I am childish enough to make the individual geckos I stamped share a little kiss…tee hee! Stamping plates are a great way of getting these fiddly designs done right, and are less expensive than stickers or decals, since you can re-use them time and time again 🙂

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-004

I scrape my plates a little too hard, so I filled in some of the white with a nail art pen, but that’s my fault, not the plates 😉

I love how, on the full-cover gecko pattern, the little marks between the geckos… Are gecko footprints! Adorable!

VL 012 Nail Art Stamping Plate-003

Vivid Lacquer plates are available on Etsy. They are really popular and can sell out quickly, but are re-stocked very regularly, so it’s really worth checking often – plus, there are new patterns seasonally, which are utterly stunning!

Thanks again to Anni for sending me these lovely plates to show you!




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Zoya Livingstone

Happy Monday!

Why do I always feel grouchy on a Monday? I blame that orange cat, haha (anyone know what I’m talking about?). I guess it’s not helped by the fact that I have a big work trip on Thursday and Friday, so this week is gonna be hard to get through. I just hope it goes quickly!

Anywhooo, I have a swatch for you today. I love red nails. Some people don’t like it so much on long nails like mine, but I love it even more when it’s vampy 🙂

Zoya Livingstone is the perfect, classic red. It’s super pigmented and goes on very smoothly, as I’ve come to expect from Zoya.

Zoya Livingstone-001 Continue reading

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Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate

Good evening! It’s the weekend, wooop! Everyone got nice plans?

This evening, I’m going to show you the second of three stamping plates that Anni of Vivid Lacquer kindly sent for me to review! The review for the first of the three (VL  009) is here if you’d like to see it 🙂

This time, it’s VL 015 – which is currently out of stock. But Anni restocks really regularly. I know this from personal experience, when the first time I ordered, one of the plates I wanted was out of stock. It came back up really quickly, so check that out here and add it to your favourites if you like what you see!

First of all I tried the tartan pattern. It comes out lovely and crisp, but I found the edges a bit hard to get to print out right. I finally figured out that’s because the room where I was stamping was quite warm, and as the pattern is particularly fine, it was drying out a bit. Still, can you see the amazing definition in the parts that I didn’t screw up?

Vivid Lacquer VL 015 Stamping Plate Continue reading

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Vivid Lacquer VL 009 Stamping Plate

I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend? We’re having a lazy one, but that’s just as nice (if not nicer…) than a busy weekend! Lots of lie-ins and plenty of time to play with my nails YES PLEASE 😀

So recently Anni of Vivid Lacquer contacted me to kindly offer to send some plates for me to review! Super cool! I’m not the greatest at stamping, so I was super flattered ❤

Like many people, I started off stamping with Konad, and quickly got frustrated at the size of their ‘full cover’ patterns. My nails are pretty long, and fairly wide, so I moved on to Vivid Lacquer plates and have been using them for a while now – the full cover patterns are a huge 2cm x 1.5cm – that’s exactly the right size for my thumb nail, so I can get them all covered with these babies!

It’s pretty hard to know where to start with these plates, each one has so many possibilities! I started off with VL 009, which you can purchase here if you like!

This plate has a couple of water-marble inspired patterns, like this ‘water drop’ one.

VL 009 Stamping Plate-006 Continue reading

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Polish Alcoholic – Wulfenite

Good evening!

I’m not going to apologise for the lack of post yesterday – my ILNP Ultrachrome review was more than 2 posts’ worth 😉 plus, well, life is too short to spend feeling guilty for silly things!

And don’t worry, I’ve got a good post for you today! I’m a bit obsessed about finding the perfect apricot nail polish – not too light, not too bright, but a nice, clean, pigmented pale orange. I realise this isn’t the most normal thing to get fixated on, but I’m me and that’s the sort of thing I do!

Well, the gorgeous Polish Alcoholic kindly sent me Wulfenite to try and I think that my quest might be over!

Polish Alcoholic - Wulfenite-001 Continue reading

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