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Rainbow TAG

The lovely Lulu tagged me two months ago for Rainbow Tag! I’m so ashamed it’s taken me so long. I spent a lot of time trying to decide if I wanted to make this a non-nail polish post, but nahhhhh! That’s not going to happen.


So I’m going to show you a rainbow of all of my favourite polishes (from cruelty-free brands, BTW…) and I picked two extra colours to add on the end – Holographic and Greige (just because I don’t think a polish collection can quite be complete without them!). If you click on the photos you can see my original (more detailed) post about them.  Continue reading

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April Challenge – Day 24 – Striping – Zoya Veruschka & Darling Diva Dreamy

Oh no, I’ve discovered another brand that is really hard to get a hold of  in France and that I am totally in love with !

I’m sure you all know Zoya. Well, I picked up Veruschka, a deep forest green with a matte velvet finish and it is beautiful. Lookie!


Zoya is pretty pricey in France (13€), but for a 15ml bottle, at least it feels worth it ! I used two coats, and it was soo smooth. Plus, this stuff dries faster than any other polish I have ever used! And not tacky-dry, totally rock-solid dry. 2 minutes after this manicure I cleaned and cooked mussels, and it didn’t do the polish any harm at all. Despite the microglitter, it removes pretty easily, I didn’t see any staining after a few days of wear.

For today’s tape mani, I added Dreamy by Darling Diva – this is a beautiful holo topcoat that I have yet to swatch properly. I kept it simple, but was pretty happy with the result :


Well, I’m afraid Naughty Kitty has decided it’s cuddle time now, and is literally climbing all over me, purring and bumping my face with hers. She’s probably right. So I’ll leave you with another photo under different lighting 🙂


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