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Zoya – Sailor

Hi girlies!

So today I have a new polish to show you 🙂 thank you so much for all of your lovely comments about my macros yesterday ❤

I’m still getting a hang of my new swatching light, but the colour here is pretty accurate. Sailor is a dark, inky blurple, it’s absolutely to die for!

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#31DC2013 – Orange Nails

So I’ll be posting twice on a lot of days to keep up with this challenge 🙂 I hope no-one minds!

I would have loved to do my fox nails again, but I figured it would be a cop-out to recreate a nail art that I’ve already done before! So for the 31-Day Challenge, I decided to try a dry marble.

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Zoya – Charisma

This polish is definitely my last-ditch attempt at hanging on to summer! I mean, this week I have worn *gasp* tights [pantyhose to my US friends] three times this week! Now I’m an English girl, I don’t feel cold too easily, so that’s a big sign that the autumn is coming.

Anyhow, less about the weather and more about nails !

Charisma is a delicious bright Barbie pink. It applies as a true neon, it’s a bit of a pain to be honest, but it’s well worth the effort. It naturally dries nice and matte :


It does drag a little, but still self-levels very nicely, and dries very fast!

Zoya - Charisma-001

I usually really love a matte finish, and this one is lovely and silky, but I couldn’t help adding a lick of top coat to see what happens, and boom !

Zoya - Charisma-002
Most neons need a white base coat to really bring them out, but I don’t think that Charisma needs that at all. Plus, I actually think that this neon looks better with a top coat, what do you think?

Zoya - Charisma-003

Also, did everyone see the 31 Day Challenge that Chalkboard Nails is sparking off for September? Who’s going to take part?

Chalkboard Nails' 31 Day Challenge

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Zoya – Breezi

So Breezi came out a couple of years ago, but I wanted to show it to you anyway, because it is the blue with the best formula in my whole collection !

Here’s 3 coats; if the polish thickens a little with age (as most do), I expect that 2 will be enough. It’s super shiny even without a top coat, and I wore it for a couple of days… No tip wear ! That’s pretty much unheard of, because my job is typing…

Zoya - Breezi


I also didn’t do any clean up, and although I’ll admit my cuticle line isn’t perfect, the fact that it looks so neat here really shows you how easy this formula is to work with 🙂


Zoya - Breezi-002


The second photo, I admit, is more colour accurate, but it’s a hard one to photo ! The less light there is, the more green it appears, oddly…


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Zoya – Loredana

As I write this, part of me is freaking out with the un-summery-ness of this polish. But you know what, it is a great polish, and I love it. Even in the summer. So there !

I love that although this polish is matte, it catches the light !

I love that it’s gunmetal grey, and that is a cool colour. I want to wear this polish next time I go to see Metallica or Machine Head. I love how it doesn’t chip (and you don’t want to ruin the finish with a top coat).

Zoya - Loredana

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