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Valentines Nail Art for Luchessa and the Polish Alcoholic’s Contest

Happy Hump Day !

Luchessa and Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic are holding a Valentines Nail Art Contest… So here’s my entry 🙂

Bourjois - Bleu Modele & Rose Imaginaire - Valentines Day Nail Art-001

I used a white nail art pen by Barry M and two Bourjois nail polishes – Rose Imaginaire and Bleu Model. They are very cute colours, but they are absolutely AWFUL to work with! A shame, because I had bought them especially for this spring, but both are streaky, runny and hard to level out 😦
Bourjois - Bleu Modele & Rose Imaginaire - Valentines Day Nail Art

Still, at least I got some cute nail art done from them, or at least, I think so!

Bourjois - Bleu Modele & Rose Imaginaire - Valentines Day Nail Art-002

Check out the other entries here : 

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Valentine’s Day Mani

So, inspired by TopCoatIt’s post here, I really wanted to do some Valentine’s day nail art based on lips rather than hearts. However, unfortunately this was a big fail on 3 counts :

1) I can’t actually draw lips, let alone with nail polish

2) I used colours that are too close to each other, so what was supposed to be delicate is actually downright invisible

3) I totally gave up on this one instead of using some patience to try to make it work !


Still, loving someone is all about forgiving their imperfections, right?


DSC02726 DSC02729

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