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Nail Art Caviar beads and Naughty Kitties – a cautionary tale

Don’t be afraid, this is pure sensationalist media. As far as I’m aware, these little buggers beads are not actually dangerous. 

However, I consider this message a Public Service announcement for those of you with pets (as a lot of you do have), and this probably applies to small children too. Quite likely larger ones, also. Heck, read this quick little post just in case, and learn from my mistakes anyway !

So, ladies (are there any men out there that do nail art? If there are, you too!), do not, I repeat, do not ever make the mistake of leaving a little baggie of these tiny beads alone on your bed. Because Naughty Kitty (or other animal/child/irresponsible adult) will get into them. Good Kitty will then see how much fun Naughty Kitty is having, and will decide to join the party. You will get out of the shower after a long day at work and find little black (or whatever colour) beads rolling around the bed.


But surely they are too small for cats to play with, I hear you exclaim. Oh no, my friends, Naughty Kitty will have had so much fun that even Good Kitty will be enjoying spreading them around. Everywhere. The bedspread, the pillows, the cream coloured carpet.

With a sigh, you will reach for the hoover. That little nice hand-held one that you asked for for Christmas. But oh no, you realise, it’s quite late in the evening, and the people upstairs have a small baby. Of course, being a Nice Neighbour (even though you don’t know them), you instead opt to grab the pet hair roller and pick them up that way.

So far, so good. Except the pet hair roller will pick up more cat (or dog, or small child) hairs than it will tiny weeny nail art beads. But you persevere, and get almost all of them. That is, of course, despite the fact that every time you sit, lean or kneel on the bed, the beads will roll around, and spread even further.


And then, my dears, then, and heed my advice well, then you will realise your dinner is burning in the oven. (Nuggets and chips, since you ask. I am the epitome of class.) You will rush to save it from incineration, until you hear a little crinkly, crispy, sweet little sound in the bedroom. 

That tiny little noise is Naughty Kitty getting into the paper bag that you put the beads in. The ones that are mixed up with cat hair and carpet fibres. The ones that are now back where they started, rolling around under the delighted gaze of Naughty Kitty (or dog or child). Good Kitty will at this point come back, because Round One was so much fun! And yep, you’ll have to take your chicken nuggets back with you for Round Two.

When Hardworking Boyfriend gets home, he will probably not be entirely convinced that the black specks all over the carpet are mere sock fluff.

No animals were harmed in the creation of this post. Only my sanity. Gotta laugh, right?

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Nail Art – Konad – Zebra Tips

Here’s some weekend nail art – I did these pretty zebra tips with a Konad stamper.

The base colour is the beautiful Poetic from China Glaze – click here to see my swatch.

Instead of stamping straight onto the tips, I stamped onto a baggie and transferred the parts of the pattern that came out best onto the tips.

The only thing I’m not so happy about is that the white nail art polish from Konad isn’t very opaque, but I think I just about get away with that here !


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Water Marble tips

I’ve been working on some more nail art, I water marbled up a few tips for my sister :


I used China Glaze White OutO.P.I.Dim Sum Plum and Barry M – Grey.

I was so pleased with how these turned out that I decided to do a full-nail marble. This was a bit of a mistake!

It was pretty enough but a bit garish, like a psychedelic zebra :

To help matters, I totally over-did the top coat and the pattern got dragged around =oc

So despite taking hours, this one didn’t last very long !


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Nail Art – Glittery Tips & Water Marbles

Recently my little sister has been so kind as to offer her services to test/critic some pre-painted tips for me – she’s so good to me !

My mum says she’d like to do some test runs too, but as she has a busy (and artistic) lifestyle, the long tips I send to my sister are no use to her. So I’ve glittered up a couple of short sets for her. These are very simple, but took ages :


While I was at it, I decided to water-marble a set of long tips for my sister. I used China GlazeLinger and For Audrey :

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