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I Love Nail Polish – Charmingly Purple

You’ve already heard about how much I love I Love Nail Polish‘s gorgeous boutique nail lacquers. But did I also tell you that the customer service is great?

Well, it is! When I pre-ordered the Spring Collection, there was a little mistake, and I received Charmingly Purple instead of Cutie Pop. So I sent off a quick email to let them know, to find out where I needed to send Charmingly back to, and got a very quick (and apologetic) reply saying that not only would Cutie Pop be sent out pronto, but that I could keep Charmingly ! At first I wasn’t sure, because I already have Chloé, which at first look is similar. But then I put them both side-by-side and realised that I love Charmingly too and that I wanted to hold onto it 🙂 soooo…. here are my swatches, so that you can want it too!
ILNP - Charmingly Purple -001

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Ozotic 502 Swatches *picture heavy*

Ozotic 502 Collage


This is the last of my Ozotic collection, I wanted to get around to swatching them all, so here ya go!

502 changes from red to burgundy, through orange to gold. There’s a hint of green in the bottle, but I didn’t get that to come out on the nail.

Application is pretty standard for an Ozotic – I used one coat over black, since that brings out the colour shift most strongly. The swatches aren’t underwater, and there’s no top coat 🙂 Continue reading

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Bondi New York – Botanical Beauty, Fuschia-istic & My Horny Mistress

Hi ladies!

Sorry for the lack of post last night; we changed our internet provider since the connection was awful with the last one. Now the router that the new one has provided is really bad quality. It cuts out all the time! Bad times 😦

I’m battling to get you this post tonight, I also owe a couple of posts to another blog, but they’ll have to wait…

So, I guess you have other things to worry about in your lives than my issues with Bondi New York? Well, as a quick recap, they cancelled the subscription box deal, and I had 3 boxes outstanding with them. Two were automatically refunded, but I didn’t know what was going on with the third. Well, after a bit of back and forth (not helped by me not giving the right order number), they finally worked out that the non-refunded box was paid by PayPal. Since 2 of the 3 polishes were from the Spring collection, they offered for me to replace the third with another from that collection, and said they would send out the box. Since this was a lot less hassle than getting a refund (the 45 day window with PayPal was closed, and I’m in France, so converting the dollars would leave me out of pocket), I picked that option!

First up then, tonight, is Botanical Beauty. This is a colour I picked back in August, remember, so it would have been much better on my skin tone back then 😉

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Swatches – Ciaté – Fairground (Hoopla, Ferris Wheel, Candy Floss)

I finally got my damn Ciaté order from their flash sale!

First of all, I totally get that turn around time is going to be a bit longer after a flash sale; but just a few hours after making my purchase, I was informed that it was ‘dispatching’. Ten days later, the status hadn’t changed. So I wrote a message to ask if someone had actually spent 10 days trying to get a (8 item) order ready, or if it had already been dispatched.

Three days later, I got a message saying that someone would check with the dispatch centre and let me know. I sent an email back to say thanks and ask if there was a stock problem (I was going to offer to let them change items if that made life easier for them…) but no reply. A week later, no news. So I sent another email (the Twitter feed didn’t say anything helpful, either), and no reply.

Another three days, and I sent another message via the contact form to ask what was going on, and explain that I would just like to have an idea of an estimated dispatch date. And all of a sudden they reply & dispatch. So my order was in ‘dispatching’ for well over two weeks… very odd. And I do not appreciate being told that someone will get back to me, then not hearing anything for a week ! Bad customer service.

Then, to make matters worse, it was dispatched via FedEx (no mention of that on their website…). Now, I appreciate that FedEx is super fast, and the people that work there are very nice. But my local depot does not do delivery rounds on a Saturday (although it said I could schedule a Saturday delivery on their website…) and they aren’t even open so that you can pick up a parcel on a Saturday. Not helpful, since I work full time. So the whole bleeding thing was far more hassle than it was worth, IMHO.


Anyway, on to the nail polish 😀


Hoopla is the shade that I really really wanted to try the most. I’m always on the look out for the perfect peach creme. Unfortunately, this isn’t it. First up, I didn’t realise that peach makes my fingers look dirty in the summer ! it brings out odd green tones to my fingers, and I feel like they look grass stained. Still, that’s not the polish’s fault.

Ciaté - Hoopla

As much as I love the Ciaté brush, and long cap, Hoopla isn’t very easy to level. It has a real tendancy to drag if you’re not careful. And since it has a creme texture, I’m a little disappointed to see so much smile line through at the tips… this is at 3 generous coats. It’s okay. I’m sure I’ll wear it. But it’s not the peach creme, not for me anyway.

Ciaté - Hoopla-001


Ferris Wheel has, typically for a blue, a really rubbish formula. It’s like they didn’t even try. I get that it’s likely to bubble, it’s about 30°C (nearly 90°F) where I am right now; so I can live with that. But it is so thick and streaky !

Ciaté - Ferris Wheel

* not Candy Floss, Ferris Wheel… oops !

What a shame, though, because in itself, Ferris Wheel is a lovely blue, very flattering; it’s a very very cold blue, which sets it apart a bit from the more neutral- pale blues out there. Again, this is three generous coats for opacity.

Ciaté - Ferris Wheel-001


Candy Floss, however, is a total gem. It’s not a colour I would necessarily gravitate towards, but it’s super flattering, and the formula is amazing ! very smooth, self-levels perfectly, and didn’t bubble, even in this heat!

Ciaté - Candy Floss

So although I wasn’t expecting it, it really is my favourite of the three. Coverage isn’t 100%, this is three coats. But I can live with a little VNL like this 🙂

Ciaté - Candy Floss-001


After the Chalkboard set (which is frankly, shameful), and the customer service (or lack of), I don’t think I’ll be making an effort to get more Ciaté for my stash. Some are nice, sure, and I’ve tried a few now, so if they happen to have an original shade that I really want, it’s okay quality overall, but I wouldn’t say it’s worth going out of your way for…


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Ciaté – Boudoir, Fade to Greige, Play Date, Headliner & Dangerous Affair

Ciaté is now available in Sephora in France (and all of Europe, I think). The packs (like the Caviar and Chalkboard) have been available for a while, and a small range of the polish is too 🙂

After seeing the (lack of) quality in the Chalkboard Set, the amazing Nail Mail from Sabrina showed me that, actually, Ciaté has a lot to offer, so I ordered up a lot in the flash sale last week, but since I’m very impatient, I also sauntered down to Sephora in my lunch break, armed with a handy 20% off voucher, and went crazy!

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Very Special Nail Mail from the Polish Alcoholic – Ciaté, MaxFactor & Herôme

So this week I have been really spoiled with the nail mail ! 

The first to arrive, and possibly the most special came from Sabrina, who blogs over at the Polish Alcoholic. She’s such a sweetheart!

When I first started blogging I didn’t expect anyone to read it. I just had a huge collection I wanted to swatch. But a huge turning point came when there was a nail art contest run by Polish Alcoholic and Mommy Loves Nail Polish. Then I started to have more contact with other lovely bloggers, and became a total fan girl (I’m gonna put up a list soon to tell you all about these amazing blogs!) – and I’ve been in touch with Sabrina ever since. She’s such a darling, and I squealed with delight when I knew she would send me some nail mail. And you can imagine how happy I was to see this turn up !


I really should have photographed it before I opened it, every polish was individually wrapped with ribbons and everything, so cute ! And the colours… This girl really knows my tastes ! Plus, these are all brands I haven’t already got – how much attention to detail !

So, from left to right, let me introduce you to my new babies 🙂

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