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Zoya Rocky

So I know that there are swatches of this colour everywhere!

It’s very hard to get hold of Zoya in France, so I was so pleased when this came in stock, but surprised to see that the colour isn’t quite what I found on swatches. So I’d like to show you how it looks to me 🙂

Zoya Rocky is definitely blue. But there’s some teal hiding in there somewhere. It’s absolutely gorgeous ! It’s both bright and pastel, and I’m pretty sure I could get away with it in the office (as long as it’s outfit-coordinated). Plus, that tint does differentiate it from the other pale blues out this season, and is very flattering to any skin tone.

The formula is pretty smooth for a blue, don’t be tempted to overwork it though. I used 3 coats, but only because I smudged the first two – it is a pretty slow dryer, so I added some fast dry top coat to speed things up 🙂

Zoya Rocky


It does dry half a shade darker than in the bottle and totally pops !

Do excuse the beige background, tinting the photo was the only way to get the colour accurate 😉

Oh, and excuse the cuticles, I need to give them a good soaking in warm oil to get them hydrated again …

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