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Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL 001

I’ve got quite long nails, and wide nail beds to boot, so stamping plates are a bit tricky for me to find, especially full cover !

So I was so pleased to find that Vivid Lacquer sells some lovely ones, the full cover patterns are 2 x 2 cm (0.78″), so perfect for big nails like mine 🙂

Each plate has 9 motifs, which means zillions (by my calculations) of combinations. I’ve decided to show you three from VL 001 (currently sold out) first of all.

Sorry for the changing lighting in these photos, the weather in the Paris area is crazy right now – we’ve had 28°C sun, super dark green clouds, hail, thunder, lightning and torrential rain today !


The first photo is a little fuzzy, I went for an all over stamp. I have wonky fingers so it’s tricky to align these patterns sometimes, and as you can see, I’m not the best stamper in the world…

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL 001

Still, these plates give a great finish, the definition is just wonderful, and the patterns are super original!

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL 001

For this one, I totally didn’t wait properly before I top coated (naughty naughty!) but I still love how it came out, even if it did streak a bit… Maybe not so office-friendly though, this one…

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL 001


I’ve got two more plates to show you from Vivid Lacquer, and am sorely tempted to order some more !

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Holographic French Manicure (Black Sheep Lacquer)


So this weekend has been busy !

It’s been pretty dreary weather-wise and so we haven’t really been out, but I spent yesterday sorting out prize packs for the OMD Rather Awesome Challenge with Eeeek + Crafty, then making up some new stock for the Etsy shop – making the actual polish/cuticle oil doesn’t take long, but cleaning up sure does ! Then I printed up labels and we went out for dinner (nothing fancy, just a steak house). Then today the weather was really bad so I worked on some new listings, a sort-of-guest-post, cupcakes for a colleague’s birthday (it’s a tradition in our office!) and I finally got round to the holo mani that I have been planning on doing since I discovered a super sparkly pink holo polish by Black Sheep Lacquer !

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Darling Diva Swatches – Unicorn Bath and Anna

Well for the moment these are the last Darling Diva polishes I have to swatch for you. I hope you think they’re worth it… I certainly do !

I must admit, I would still be a fan, even if the polishes were twice the price, so let’s hope that Darling Diva don’t catch on to that, right?

The Etsy shop is on vacation for another couple of days, but there are other outlets listed, and you can ask Etsy to send you an email when it re-opens, if you’d like to check it out !

Today, I have Unicorn Bath and Anna for you – both blue polishes. I am a real sucker for a nice blue, and glitter, so these are both total winners for me…

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A big thank you for the Beauty Envy Bag Giveaway

Hi guys,

I wanted to post this since Wednesday, but work has been so crazy, I can barely keep up!

I was really lucky to win a Beauty Envy Bag giveaway at the end of January. There are loads of giveaways out there, but I must admit I only join in when I think the products are really great! Otherwise, what’s the point?

The Beauty Envy bag giveaways (I think there have been 2 so far) are awesome. All of the products are gorgeous luxuries, the giveaways are run by 4 beauty bloggers, Lakeisha from Refined and PolishedLatoya from Beauty ObsessedLeticia from Cosmetics Aficionado and Lola from Burb Beauty. Ladies, if you like reading beauty blogs, I highly recommend these girls, they’ve got some hot dang blogging skills, and they’re all really sweet to boot !

So on Wednesday night I got home to find a package. I couldn’t wait to get it unwrapped! Yeah, I didn’t even wait to find a clear space to take my photos 😉

Beauty Envy Bag arrives !


Inside the box, all the products were wrapped up in tissue paper with cute little ribbons everywhere – it felt like Christmas !

Beauty Envy Bag  - gorgeous little packages



I wasn’t the only one to get excited! Mojo just loves cardboard boxes, so he came and sat patiently while I emptied it out for him.

Mojo gets involved!


And Teasel decided to come rescue me from a dangerous-looking ribbon…

Teasel rescues me from a ribbon

… Ad then I had it all unwrapped !

Beauty Envy Box

For full product reviews, i suggest you check out the girl’s blogs :

Personally, I can’t decide what my favourite product is !

I love the jewelled colour of the makeup bag, and the Butter London polishes are what piqued my interest first. That’s a brand I’ve only just started collecting (I’ll have to have a swatch-a-thon soon), and these were two colours I hadn’t found already.

I don’t usually go for lip gloss, but Benefit is such a great brand, these feel creamy on my lips rather than sticky, and they’re very flattering, so I am so grateful to have got these mini formats!

Hand cream is a winter must for me. I might not live anywhere really cold, but I’ve always found that I get cracked hands in the winter if I don’t moisturise them.

The eyeshadow palette was the one thing I wasn’t so sure about. For a very long time, I have only ever used the same 6 Barry M loose powders, but actually, this palette is amazing! I have blue eyes, and each shade is so flattering. Plus, they are highly pigmented, stay put and don’t crease!


So a big, big thank you to you four lovely ladies!

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Swatches – Models Own Wonderland – Northern Lights (NP 143) & Southern Lights (NP 148)

Today we have a swatch that I’ve been hanging on to since the weekend.
back in December there is nothing I wanted more than the Models Own Wonderland box set. Unfortunately for me, it was hardly ever in stock. I could have grabbed it back in January, but as Christmas was over, it didn’t feel worth it.

However, I was in Boots when I went back to the UK, trying to replace my broken Gold Rush from the Champagne Box Set (also Models Own), and fell in love with these two. They might be intended to be winter polishes, but the delicate colours seem perfect for spring, too, so I decided to bite the bullet, and grabbed Southern Lights and Northern Lights :


These babies are more glitter than polish! And darn, that holo glitter is hard to photo.

Here’s a first try :


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Valentine’s Day Mani

So, inspired by TopCoatIt’s post here, I really wanted to do some Valentine’s day nail art based on lips rather than hearts. However, unfortunately this was a big fail on 3 counts :

1) I can’t actually draw lips, let alone with nail polish

2) I used colours that are too close to each other, so what was supposed to be delicate is actually downright invisible

3) I totally gave up on this one instead of using some patience to try to make it work !


Still, loving someone is all about forgiving their imperfections, right?


DSC02726 DSC02729

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