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Vivid Lacquer VL 009 Stamping Plate

I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend? We’re having a lazy one, but that’s just as nice (if not nicer…) than a busy weekend! Lots of lie-ins and plenty of time to play with my nails YES PLEASE 😀

So recently Anni of Vivid Lacquer contacted me to kindly offer to send some plates for me to review! Super cool! I’m not the greatest at stamping, so I was super flattered ❤

Like many people, I started off stamping with Konad, and quickly got frustrated at the size of their ‘full cover’ patterns. My nails are pretty long, and fairly wide, so I moved on to Vivid Lacquer plates and have been using them for a while now – the full cover patterns are a huge 2cm x 1.5cm – that’s exactly the right size for my thumb nail, so I can get them all covered with these babies!

It’s pretty hard to know where to start with these plates, each one has so many possibilities! I started off with VL 009, which you can purchase here if you like!

This plate has a couple of water-marble inspired patterns, like this ‘water drop’ one.

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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 22. Animal Themed

You’ll have to excuse my frazzled brain. We’re into a third week of this heatwave, and although I love the sun, I’m starting to find the lack of sleep a bit hard to cope with. So be prepared for a seriously abstract mani, haha!

I have issues with birds; I’ve always been scared of them. The fluttering and flying makes me nervous, and they just look so strange, and sort of gross. But this weekend, whilst I was sweating it out in the garden, I actually enjoyed watching some sparrows dancing overhead. There’s a clan of about 8 that have been dancing around in our garden (sooo funny, to see our indoor cats watching them!) and it was fascinating to watch these funny, chirruping little balls of brown feathers suddenly become gracious and athletic, diving around in the sky – it was as if they were totally transformed !

So I really wanted to do a bird mani tonight, and had a funky parrot on my VL 001 plate to test out !


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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 21. Stamping

I’m so glad I had this one pre-prepared ! (there’s no point denying it, my fingers are their old colour and my nails aren’t so long)

I had a French mani for work one monday, and on my way home (I have a very long commute) couldn’t decide what to do with it ! Sabrina suggested flowers, and I decided I would stamp them to pre-prepare a mani for the challenge 😀

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Why have I not posted about Two Fingered Salute before?

The day that I decided that I needed Butter London in my life was the day I saw a Saran Wrap* mani. With Two Fingered Salute. It was sooo beautiful ! Well, then it was out of stock for ages and when I finally managed to order some, I won some too ! So I ended up with a UK sourced bottle and one from the US !

Well, I imagine it was just a fluke, but the US one had a little more microglitter in it.

Anywhoo, it is the perfect Sunday night mani !

It’s spring time at last out here and I wanted a pastelly shade with some shimmer, to catch the sun. And then I stamped some ‘The Old Bill‘ (copper – also by Butter London) over it. The stamping didn’t come out perfectly – not sure if it’s the plate or the polish, but I want to get my stamping skills in gear as this week I have some plates by Vivid Lacquer (swoon!) to show you 🙂






My hands are so dry right now, please don’t look at the creases !



* For any fellow Brits out there, did you know that Saran Wrap is a term some Americans use to denote cling film?! I imagined it to be something much more exotic… oh well !

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Bourjois – So Laque – Adora-bleu

Hello girlies, sorry for my absence yesterday. I’ve caught a big fat cold (thank you, horrible cold, wet May!) and wasn’t feeling too clever at all.

However, this week hasn’t been a total fail, I got given the most beautiful gift from a friend – nail polish of course !

In the words of the great Run DMC : “Check this out !”

Bourjois - So Laque - Adora-bleu

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April Challenge – Day 26 – Gradient

If you join in the challenge, you can get an extra entry to my 100 followers giveaway on the rafflecopter link. It’s one entry per day though, so if you’ve missed any, please email me at brijit.elouise@gmail.com with your ‘missing links’ and I can add them for you. The giveaway ends in 4 days, so please be quick !


Today is gradient day ! I love a good gradient, so I had fun with this one ! Since spring is coming round, I went for corals – both EssieTart Deco is the paler of the two, Meet Me At Sunset is the deeper orangey coral. I also tried a cool new technique (okay, it went up 2 years ago, but it’s new to me !) that I discovered through Tartofraises – I used a fan brush to gradient, instead of a sponge – it’s so much neater ! Tartofraise’s video is here. She uses acrylic paint, but I used nail polish and that worked fine 🙂

DSC03776 (2)


As sad as I’ll be when this challenge is over, I think my ‘to swatch’ box could do with being looked after  !




… Check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

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