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Holographic French Manicure (Black Sheep Lacquer)


So this weekend has been busy !

It’s been pretty dreary weather-wise and so we haven’t really been out, but I spent yesterday sorting out prize packs for the OMD Rather Awesome Challenge with Eeeek + Crafty, then making up some new stock for the Etsy shop – making the actual polish/cuticle oil doesn’t take long, but cleaning up sure does ! Then I printed up labels and we went out for dinner (nothing fancy, just a steak house). Then today the weather was really bad so I worked on some new listings, a sort-of-guest-post, cupcakes for a colleague’s birthday (it’s a tradition in our office!) and I finally got round to the holo mani that I have been planning on doing since I discovered a super sparkly pink holo polish by Black Sheep Lacquer !

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piCture pOlish – Sparkle & Atomic

I’ve more piCture pOlish swatches for you today 🙂

There is nothing I love more on a sunny day (other than the sun itself, of course), than a nice shiny nail polish ! So I decided to go for Sparkle and Atomic by piCture pOlish.


Sparkle is a silvery base full of tiny rainbow-coloured glitter. As a glitter, I expected it to dry quite fast. It didn’t, can you see the huge smudge on my middle finger?

It took 3 coats for opacity, totally normal given how pale it is. This is the finish without top coat, it’s quite matte and rough.

piCture pOlish - Sparkle


Atomic has a very similiar formula, but is opaque in 2 coats. It has a mix of silvery and delicate holo glitter that is absolutely fabulous !

piCture pOlish - Atomic


As much as I love these sexy little bottles, I’m still not getting on with the brushes… My cuticle line feels very messy !

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Swatch – Models Own – Champagne (NP073)

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and part of what makes it so jolly for me is champagne !

Not just the sparkling wine, but the polish from models own, too ! What would make me even jollier would be a set of models own polishes, but I shall wait and see if they have any good sales in January !

2012-12-02 16.39.30

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