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Ciaté – Boudoir, Fade to Greige, Play Date, Headliner & Dangerous Affair

Ciaté is now available in Sephora in France (and all of Europe, I think). The packs (like the Caviar and Chalkboard) have been available for a while, and a small range of the polish is too 🙂

After seeing the (lack of) quality in the Chalkboard Set, the amazing Nail Mail from Sabrina showed me that, actually, Ciaté has a lot to offer, so I ordered up a lot in the flash sale last week, but since I’m very impatient, I also sauntered down to Sephora in my lunch break, armed with a handy 20% off voucher, and went crazy!

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April Challenge – Day 7 – Rainbow

Wow, we’re at day 7 already ! Today’s theme is rainbow.

Since Rainbows are all about light, I went for an easy way out 🙂 I put on some Sephora Nail Patches in Pearl White – they are lovely and translucent – and studded them with diamanté in different colours – I had 6 out of 7 colours, that should do!


It’s a shame I could never get away with this mani at work, I was pretty sad to have to take it off.

Don’t forget, you can bump up your number of entries in my 100 followers giveaway by joining in !

… Or just check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

Short and Sweet in Texas 30 Day April Challenge

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Swatches – Nails Inc – Graffiti Effect – Old Street / Brick Lane

So here I am, finally, with my Nails Inc swatches – here’s two of the Graffiti Effect range – Old Street (multi colour) and Brick Lane (black and white). They’re both composed of a mix of hex, bar and tiny specks of glitter in a clear base.

I swatched these over Sephora‘s Tender Taupe (thumbnail), Barry M‘s Grey nail paint (index & ring fingers) and Model Own Pro in Black. Yep, you heard it folks, like a right royal turnip, I swatched a black and white glitter over a black polish… Go figure ! I did, however, have the sense to whip a matte top coat over the little & ring fingers.

DSC03179 DSC03186

First of all, Old Street didn’t look especially graffiti-esque to me. More like an early ninties glitter party. I think it’s because regular, shiny glitter was used instead of matte glitter. I guess someone out there might like this polish, if that’s the case, note well that this one is up for swaps !

I much preferred Brick Lane, the matte glitter did look just like graffiti. Especially over grey, of course, but I really like this one over taupe, too ! I can imagine it looking great over flashy colours as well, so this is a great all-rounder as far as I’m concerned.

The formula on these was incredibly gloopy. I know it goes with the territory with glitters, but this was like trying to get jam (Americans, read jelly) to spread on your nails ! Even coverage required a lot of dibbing and dabbing about, and, as you can see, I sort of gave up! But, as a glitter, it dried pretty quickly and at least there is so much glitter in the bottle, you don’t have to fish it out.


What do you think, worth the effort? Anyone want to swap a polish for Old Street, lol?



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My Sunday Afternoon Stash Organiser

With the New Year coming up, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about resolutions.

Since Sunday afternoon DIY is so much fun, I added a few little shelves to a set we already had on the wall, to organise my stash a bit. The point is I’m running out of space in my polish drawer if all of the beautiful colours are right under my nose instead of tidied away, maybe I’ll stop buying new ones… Which often turn out to be doubles of old ones ! So, using an old IKEA storage box and a few brackets from the corner shop, I rustled up a little organiser :

2012-12-30 14.41.32

Actually, the worrying thing about this isn’t the shelves that are buckling – that’s only because I started filling them before the glue holding them onto the brackets was dried. The worrying thing is that this is only about 70% of my stash… I’m not proud of myself !!

Also, a lot of these babies aren’t big three free. So that’s something I’d like to remedy in 2013…

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Swatch – Sephora – Retro Chic (L45)

Brown isn’t always an easy colour to find. But with all of the choice at Sephora, there were a couple that caught my eye.

This time it’s Retro Chic‘s turn to be swatched !

Retro Chic is a lovely rich, warm brown, but unfortunately separates a bit in the bottle. Here you can’t really see it, but there is a strange orangey liquid that floats about a bit. And is it just me or are smaller bottles harder to mix up again?

It dries – as is often the case – a bit darker than in the bottle (actually, a lot darker!) but goes on silky smooth, and just one coat is perfect ! So it dries fairly quickly too.

Overall a nice, staple brown that is easy to wear and quick to apply – very handy !

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