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Autumn Ombré Nail Art

Happy Monday ladies!

I hope your week is going well! Mine sure is, we’re both (my bloke and I) off work all week, so we had a lazy morning, then went out to wander around some shops this afternoon. I found a nice, recently opened, hair & manicure supply shop which had some nice stock, so I’ll be going back there again soon! Shame that, as a blogger, I don’t qualify for the pro discount.

Autumn Ombré Nail Art-001

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#31DC2013 – Red Nails

Yay, it’s time for a new challenge! The 31 Day Challenge that Chalkboard Nails is kicking off looks like so much fun, I’m going to try keeping up !

It’s very easy to take part, the themes are at the end of this post, and you just put up your nail art with the hashtag #31DC2013 🙂

So here are my red nails :

31DC2013 - Red Nails

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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 11 – Beach

Well, I’m going away until Sunday, so I’m afraid I’m about to spam you all with my last manis for the Pre-Spring Challenge ! Sorry in advance, I’m worried that if I schedule the posts, the links might not work properly.

I thought I had such a great idea for this one, but actually it didn’t come out great !

Maybe it would have been better with a little black liner around the swimsuits?

Day 11 - Beach

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Swatch – China Glaze – Sacred Heart (1013/80843)

China Glaze is my absolute favourite nail polish brand, so this wasn’t going to be very long coming!

This shade has been slammed on a lot of blogs, but I guess it’s a Marmite sort of thing, and I love the stuff!

Here’s a quick snap from the train this morning :


This is 3 costs plus a top coat (which hasn’t changed much, it was already really shiny).

Sacred Heart is supposed to be a neon, but I don’t know why! It’s bright, but not that bright. It has a kind of glazed – almost jelly – look to it, so although it actually isn’t very opaque, it hides imperfections pretty well.

Application is great – the formula is neither too thick not too thin and it dries in average time- I did get a bubble though!Can you see it on my ring finger?

A lot of reviews that I have seen describe it as a congealed-blood colour, but I really see it as post-box red. Having said that, it is more rusty in the bottle, I’ll add a photo later.


Here’s a photo of the bottle, the colours are pretty accurate so I snapped my fingers with it so you can see the colour difference

Love it or hate it?

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