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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 8 – Jewellery

Hello everyone, Happy Monday, or what’s left of it…

Today was a pretty long day in the office, with the joy of making reservations with some of France’s biggest tourist spots. But I prepared my nail art at the weekend, and was so pleased with how this one turned out. Don’t forget, you can check out all the links here.

The base colour is China Glaze’s Sydney Sand, I just love how it brings out the blue and green tones in the glitter !


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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 7 – Pastel

So this weekend I added a photo to my gravatar. As much as I love taking photos of my hands, I’m not a big fan of my face, so this is a big step for me !

Today’s theme is a pastel tape mani. I used this as an excuse to try out an idea I’ve been thinking of for a while, it’s a fishtail, but with tape to create a small gap between the colours. I think the lilac is a bit too pale, but this turned out pretty well 🙂


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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 3 – Green

Well, I feel really intimidated putting my link amongst your gorgeous nail art, ladies ! So I’ve had a big glass of rosé … Here goes !

We all know that there’s just something about gold and green, right?

So this might not look as great in life as it did in my head (hey, it’s often the case, right?), but I went for a circuit board mani :

Day 3 - Green

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