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Polish Alcoholic – Furcifer *PICTURE HEAVY*

*this polish was a no-strings-attached personal gift! all opinions here are (as always) 100% my own*Polish Alcoholic - Furcifer Collage

Polish Alcoholic - Furcifer Collage -001

Polish Alcoholic - Furcifer Bottle Shots

Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic sent me a lovely present back in November, and with the Christmas break and the scarring on my hand, I haven’t even shown you the second of her multichromes yet! You probably already know how I love photograph multichrome polish, so don’t be surprised that this is a very picture-heavy post! Polish Alcoholic - Furcifer Bottle Shots -001 Continue reading

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Polish Alcoholic – Bradypodion *picture heavy*

By far the best thing about blogging is the amazing friends you can make. One of those beautiful ladies is Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic. I just love our email chats about nail polish! And recently, she decided to surprise me with some awesome nail mail! If you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen. Basically, it was an Anny polish, FOUR Herômes (both brands aren’t available in France) and two incredible multichromes from her very own collection!

So today I want to show you Bradypodion. This is available for 8.50€ right here in Sabrina’s Etsy shop.

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-007

Polish Alcoholic - Bradypodion-008 Continue reading

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Polish Alcoholic – Wulfenite

Good evening!

I’m not going to apologise for the lack of post yesterday – my ILNP Ultrachrome review was more than 2 posts’ worth 😉 plus, well, life is too short to spend feeling guilty for silly things!

And don’t worry, I’ve got a good post for you today! I’m a bit obsessed about finding the perfect apricot nail polish – not too light, not too bright, but a nice, clean, pigmented pale orange. I realise this isn’t the most normal thing to get fixated on, but I’m me and that’s the sort of thing I do!

Well, the gorgeous Polish Alcoholic kindly sent me Wulfenite to try and I think that my quest might be over!

Polish Alcoholic - Wulfenite-001 Continue reading

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Very Special Nail Mail from the Polish Alcoholic – Ciaté, MaxFactor & Herôme

So this week I have been really spoiled with the nail mail ! 

The first to arrive, and possibly the most special came from Sabrina, who blogs over at the Polish Alcoholic. She’s such a sweetheart!

When I first started blogging I didn’t expect anyone to read it. I just had a huge collection I wanted to swatch. But a huge turning point came when there was a nail art contest run by Polish Alcoholic and Mommy Loves Nail Polish. Then I started to have more contact with other lovely bloggers, and became a total fan girl (I’m gonna put up a list soon to tell you all about these amazing blogs!) – and I’ve been in touch with Sabrina ever since. She’s such a darling, and I squealed with delight when I knew she would send me some nail mail. And you can imagine how happy I was to see this turn up !


I really should have photographed it before I opened it, every polish was individually wrapped with ribbons and everything, so cute ! And the colours… This girl really knows my tastes ! Plus, these are all brands I haven’t already got – how much attention to detail !

So, from left to right, let me introduce you to my new babies 🙂

Continue reading

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Guest post from the Polish Alcoholic

I was being totally cheeky when I asked Sabrina to do a guest post for me, but she actually did!! I mean, as far as I’m concerned, she rates up there with (another Sabrina) Sakura Nail Art, Craftynail or Eeek. I mean, that’s like if Dave Grohl dedicated a song to me – though Sabrina is probably not as hairy. So please enjoy and try not to swoon over her pictures 😉


Hi polished people!

I’m Sabrina a.k.a Polish Alcoholic with a guest post for the sweet Brijit. I’m so honored that she’s willing to dedicate a little space to me on her lovely blog 🙂

header 2013

I created a neon watercolor manicure for you girls with a little tutorial. For this manicure you don’t need aquarel paint on whatsoever. Just pick four of your favorite (neon) polishes, a tiny cup with nail polish remover or acetone and soft medium nail art brush 🙂

neon watercolor1

I must say I had a hard time with taking proper pictures for the tutorial. I think neon colors are very hard to photograph or they just don’t want to be photographed. So please bear with me. I did the best I can to explain how I created this look. If there’s anything that’s not clear, please let me know 😉

What you’ll need:

neon watercolor products

  • medium nail art brush
  • matte top coat
  • small cup with nail polish remover
  • Zoya Purity
  • Nfu Oh FS12
  • Nfu Oh FS24
  • Nfu Oh FS19
  • Nfu Oh FS01

How to:
1. Start with a white base plus a (thick layer of) top coat and let it dry completely.
2. Add one or two splotches of your first color.
3. Dip your nail art brush in the nail polish remover (or acetone) and gently dab it over the splotches of polish so that it spreads to a watercolor look.
4. Repeat step 2 and 3 with the second color.
5. Repeat step 2 and 3 with the third color. It’s fun to let the colors blend into each other by placing them slightly on top of the others.
6. Repeat step 2 and 3 with the last color and let the design dry. Add a matte top coat and you’re ready to go.

neon watercolor tut

I hope you enjoyed this mani and I’d love to see your creations!
A big thanks to Brijit for doing this. *mwah mwah* 🙂

neon watercolor

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