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Throwback Thursday (China Glaze – Romantique Collection) & WordPress Weirdness

WordPress is a great blogging platform, I totally love it. But sometimes it is a bit odd ! Every now and then, you hit a new target, usually your first 10 followers or 100 likes. Well, today a funny one popped up :


I mean, I’m thrilled, of course I am! I’m incredibly flattered that not just once, but 1 337 times, someone has liked one of my posts enough to click on that little button! But what a strange number to celebrate….

And that’s not just my current total either (that is 1 348!) – so I have no idea why the WordPress God chose this one !

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to do a Throwback Thursday post. I see other bloggers doing these sometimes, and when I organised my polish a bit last time, I realised I have some real golden oldies that I use loads, and it would be great to share them with you 🙂

The China Glaze Romantique Collection came out in Spring 2009, it’s a lovely set of metallics that are great for stamping, and total staples in my collection, plus they’re still very widely available and often discounted, since they’re not so recent.

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Nail Art – Konad – Zebra Tips

Here’s some weekend nail art – I did these pretty zebra tips with a Konad stamper.

The base colour is the beautiful Poetic from China Glaze – click here to see my swatch.

Instead of stamping straight onto the tips, I stamped onto a baggie and transferred the parts of the pattern that came out best onto the tips.

The only thing I’m not so happy about is that the white nail art polish from Konad isn’t very opaque, but I think I just about get away with that here !


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Swatch – China Glaze – Poetic (687)

Here’s a beautiful metallic for the weekend – China Glaze‘s Poetic :


As with many metallics, streaking was a bit of an issue, but the colour is just gorgeous – a pale warm copper, and just one coat was enough.


The finish is what I call luminous – not really glossy and not really matte – I think I need to try both matte and glossy topcoats for this, either of them could be very pretty !

Anyway, I really love this one, despite the streaking potential. I’m very pleased to say that I have a lot more metallics to swatch, too, so watch this space !

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