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Ozotic 504 *picture heavy*

Ozotic 504 Nail Polish Collage

Happy Hump Day honies!

We’re half way thorugh the week, so I thought I’d celebrate with a duochrome photo fest 🙂 today’s nails are Ozotic – 504. I know that these guys are going to be selling out since they aren’t being manufactured any more, but a few are still available in some places, so check out the Picture Polish distributor list if you really want to get hold of them. All of my Ozotics are my own purchases, so this isn’t a press sample or anything. Pictures are of 2 coats over black, but no top coat.

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Ozotic 505 & 506 *Picture-Heavy*

Happy Monday ladies!

Sooo, I don’t know how it is in your country, but on 1st November in France, it’s a bank holiday for All Saints’ Day. So, although the clocks went back this weekend, and everyone was a bit groggy this morning, it’s nice to have a 4-day week 🙂

Of course, I will probably spend the extra day blogging & making polish. So I’ll start the week as I mean to go on…

Ozotic 505 Collage

I’ve already mentioned that the Ozotic 50X range is my absolute favourite, so I decided to do a bit of swatching. These polishes are fantastic, I wore them over a black base, which means they go further. And I swatched them with my lovely swatching lamps, but I’ve been wearing them for a while, and you definitely see the full colour shift under normal lighting.Ozotic 506 Collage

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Ozotic 503 *picture heavy*

Ozotic 503

Hi ladies, the weekend will be here soon! Is it me, or is this week flashing past really quickly?

I’m on a massive duochrome kick at the moment, and I’ve got a few hanging around in my swatchbox from my favourite series – the Ozotic 50X range. I don’t know about you, but I find these polishes quite expensive, so I get one every now and then and hide it away in my swatch box (a Jimmy Choo vanity case) until I feel the urge! Well, the one I chose this week is 503. This is a gorgeous polish that shifts from a bright grassy green to gold, to gunmetal grey with a hint of violet!

503 Ozotic 503 Ozotic-001 Continue reading

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Ozotic – 528 (and piCture pOlish PMT)

So maybe I should have invited some guest bloggers to cover my holidays, haha !

Ah well, you’re still stuck with me 😉

Today I have a gorgeous duochrome glitter to show you – Ozotic 528. I popped this over piCture pOlish PMT because I’m a bit obsessed with trying to stick to the same brand for different polishes in each mani… I won’t swatch this for you, since better bloggers have been there and done that, but here’s the result I got with a bit of striping tape…

Ozotic - 528 Continue reading

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Ozotic – 744

Now I’m not complaining as such, I know that a lot of ladies really struggle to grow their nails nice and long (I’m gonna do a nail care series to try to help you out) but I had a bit of a panic moment today because of mine !

When your nails get to a certain length, it’s really hard to get coins out of supermarket caddies (US translation : Shopping Carts – out here in France we often have to put a coin in them to use them, because we’re all thieves, ya know…), because you can’t get enough purchase, and the coin only sticks out a few millimetres – that’s hardly a big deal, and usually my bloke is on hand to help. In the worst case, it’s hardly a big waste – actually it might be handy for the next person to come along who forgot their coin.

But nowadays, a lot of cash points (US: ATMs) have devices on them that are supposed to help secure them or something (which cover the slot and leave it less exposed so conmen can’t add scanners to them to copy your card as you put it in), but this means your card only sticks out by a few millimetres. So this evening I went to the cash point on the way home, and couldn’t for the life of me get the damn card out ! I nearly had to ask a passing stranger to help !! You know, it really is a panic moment when the machine starts beeping furiously at you…

So what do I do? Do I cut them? Apart from the little tear I repaired recently, they’re feeling pretty strong and healthy, so I kinda feel like that would be a waste. The other option I can think of is to carry tweezers around with me for those “just in case” moments… But that would be lame, wouldn’t it? Would a little pair of pliers be more dignified ?


I know, I know, you don’t want to hear about my first world problems! More about nail polish 🙂


I totally love Ozotics! Literally the only problem I can think of with them is that they number the polish instead of naming it. Which means that every damn time I order a bottle I have to go through my order history to make sure I don’t already have it, haha !

744 should have been called “Perfect Periwinkle”, in my opinion 🙂

Ozotic - 744 Continue reading

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Ozotic – 607 *picture heavy*

Ozotic 607 Macro


I’ve not tried Ozotic before, but I’m glad I have !

The sun has finally come out in Paris, and that makes me want to wear loads of holo polish 🙂 607 totally fits the bill – and the dusty rose colour is very work friendly!

All of these swatches are 3 (thin) coats, it’s nearly opaque all on it’s own! Despite the glittery texture,it removes very easily, and has a totally smooth finish – these photos are without top coat.

This polish is very holographic ! Usually under natural/incadescent (typical indoor lighting), most polish isn’t very holo. You can see that 607 is already glowing, despite the pale base colour !

Ozotic 607 - Natural/Incandescent

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