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Color Club – Put a Pin in it

So  Eeek-ee-Pops isn’t the only one on a swatching kick !

Actually, I’m not on swatches to save the nail art for the challenge, rather, I’m trying to clear out my to-be-swatched box before the challenge – last time I did a month challenge, it overflowed (overflew?) 🙂

Also, I just received the new piCture pOlish brushes today, so I’ll be going back over those swatches soon – the brushes look just right to me !

For now, I have another sample-sized Color Club to show you, Put a Pin in It – this one was a collaboration with Joliebox (I think) a while ago. It’s been in my swatch box for a while, which I totally regret, because I love it !

Color Club - Put a Pin in it

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Zoya – Bevin

So I’m fairly sure I have a relative called Bevin. Probably. You see, my family is totally spread out all over the place. And I think my great aunt who lives in Australia married a handsome Aussie called Bevin. So this polish makes me think of him. Though I’ve never actually met him, so that was an interesting anecdote, huh?!

Well, I really do love Zoya polish, and it’s so expensive out here, I try to go for shades that I know I will wear! Bevin is a grey-green creme. It is opaque in 3 (thin) coats and has a lovely finish :

Zoya - Bevin

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Color Club – Reign in Spain (Birchbox collaboration)

So Joliebox France was bought out by Birchbox, and has now changed its name to Birchbox. It always makes me a little nostalgic when this happens, and almost every other beauty box out here was bought out by Glossybox (who I refuse to deal with since I had a lot of really awful customer service) – so I guess it was always going to happen at some point.

Anyway, one good thing has come of this – it means us girls in France are getting the collaboration Color Club shades this month! I was a bit confused that I had two (the same shade), and then Birchbox sent out an email saying that the second was to give away to someone… Okaaay, why not?

There are four shades in the “Wanderlust Collection”, and I recieved Reign in Spain, a bright peachy coral. This is the prettier of the two bottles, you can see the printing went a bit off – but the other one had a lid that looked like someone had bit into it to open it…. Classy.

Color Club - Reign in Spain


For a pale-ish neon coral, application was okay. It took a very long time to dry, but levelled quite nicely with a bit of patience. It did take me 2 coats to opacity then a third to level it out properly, but that’s about what I expect from a shade like this. With the slow drying time, there were a few bubbles (I waited a good half hour between coats….)

It’s odd that you can only buy this as a set (7ml each x 4 bottles) – in France we’re expected to pay 12.50€ if we’d like to order the set, when in the US it’s only at $8 (about 6€). A bit cheeky if you ask me !

Color Club - Reign in Spain


If you’re wondering about the other shades, there’s nothing revolutionary : a creamy minty green, a lavendar and a very pale beige… All handy to have, but I wish they’d pushed the boat out and added some shimmer or something to make them a bit different, because I think almost every brand has these colours…


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My Sunday Afternoon Stash Organiser

With the New Year coming up, I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking about resolutions.

Since Sunday afternoon DIY is so much fun, I added a few little shelves to a set we already had on the wall, to organise my stash a bit. The point is I’m running out of space in my polish drawer if all of the beautiful colours are right under my nose instead of tidied away, maybe I’ll stop buying new ones… Which often turn out to be doubles of old ones ! So, using an old IKEA storage box and a few brackets from the corner shop, I rustled up a little organiser :

2012-12-30 14.41.32

Actually, the worrying thing about this isn’t the shelves that are buckling – that’s only because I started filling them before the glue holding them onto the brackets was dried. The worrying thing is that this is only about 70% of my stash… I’m not proud of myself !!

Also, a lot of these babies aren’t big three free. So that’s something I’d like to remedy in 2013…

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