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#NAILLINKUP – Stamping (again!)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I have a very bad case of the Sunday Night Blues this evening. This weekend has been so perfect that I’m especially sad for it to be over!

We had a very mild winter here in France, so I’ve been worried that there would be late snow (like in March last year!) but it hasn’t rained since Monday! The sun has been out all week – and it’s been gloriously warm this weekend 🙂 yesterday I did some gardening (well, cutting the grass, weeding the lawn and sweeping the patio), and today after the gym, we had lunch and coffee in the garden. It’s not hot like summer, but very pleasant 🙂

I also faffed around this afternoon making some shower gel and makeup remover, which is exactly the type of little project that I love! And somehow this morning, I found the time to rearrange my polish! Which is a great start, and I have enough unloved bottles that I think I’ll put up a blog/destash sale soon!

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#NAILLINKUP – Stamping

Hey hey hey, it’s the weekend! And not a day too soon, huh?!

I really want to say, I love my new camera (a Canon EOS 600D)! It’s the most beautiful camera that I’ve ever used, and it’s all mine!

It’s totally possible, of course, that you don’t really notice the difference 🙂 that’s okay, because I do! It’s not the most expensive in the world (I’m not rich!), and it’s not a very new model, but this camera is so crisp and captures details so beautifully… it’s exactly what I was hoping for 🙂


So, it looks like you girls aren’t very into the stamping theme, is that right? I know it’s fiddly, but I like a challenge, and I figure, if I don’t practise, then I definitely won’t get good at it! So here’s my try for the NAILLINKUP Challenge 🙂

Butter London Shandy

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MoYou-London Greek Mythology Collection (Press Release)

I don’t usually share ‘just’ press releases, because, well, if you wanted them, you could sign up to the newsletter, too! 

Buuut, well, this one was hanging around in my inbox from yesterday, and it looks really good! I talk a lot about Moyou-London plates, and so far, I have found them to be truly excellent quality. And there are a few recent collections (Scholar, Sci-Fi) which aren’t my cup of tea, so I’m especially glad to see one that I will be ordering!

So, here’s how they present the new plates in the Greek Mythology Collection!

Greek Mythology Collection - MoYou-London

Greek Mythology Collection – MoYou London

 Friday is close, and I am happy to announce the new release of the week, this time 3 additional plates to the:

<< Greek Mythology Collection >>
Plato once said that “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet…” That’s probably why Venus decided to become the goddess of love.

The new plates are in stock and will be shipped within 3-5 days.

Have a great week, and share the love!
The MoYou-London Team

Moyou-London - Greek Mythology 07

Greek Mythology 07

MoYou-London - Greek Mythology 08

MoYou-London – Greek Mythology 08

Moyou-London - Greek Mythology 09

Moyou-London – Greek Mythology 09


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#Naillinkup – Inspired by Pinterest

If you follow my social network accounts, then you may already know that Pinterest is the one that I neglect the most severely! It can feel a bit overwhelming, since there is so much material there; yet, it’s a great way of finding nail art for the exact same reason!

So I wasn’t surprised that it was quite hard to choose inspiration! But eventually I decided that this link was the one to try for (go on, click here and click like or leave a comment!). That said, this is an inspired by post, not a copy someone else post. So I took the basic idea of stamping over a multi-colour gradient and ran with that!

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