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Color Club – Put a Pin in it

So  Eeek-ee-Pops isn’t the only one on a swatching kick !

Actually, I’m not on swatches to save the nail art for the challenge, rather, I’m trying to clear out my to-be-swatched box before the challenge – last time I did a month challenge, it overflowed (overflew?) 🙂

Also, I just received the new piCture pOlish brushes today, so I’ll be going back over those swatches soon – the brushes look just right to me !

For now, I have another sample-sized Color Club to show you, Put a Pin in It – this one was a collaboration with Joliebox (I think) a while ago. It’s been in my swatch box for a while, which I totally regret, because I love it !

Color Club - Put a Pin in it

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Swatch – O.P.I. – I Don’t Give a Rotterdam (NL H57)

Here’s a swatch I was planning on putting up before starting the 14-day pre-spring challenge ! You can see that my nails were a little longer then, before they were used and abused for a string of nail art 😉

Here’s I don’t give a Rotterdam by O.P.I. , from the Holland Collection that came out last Spring/Summer. I’ve already covered Thanks a Windmillion, and Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh is on it’s way (I’m putting it on as we speak to take it for a test-run).

O.P.I. - I Don't Give a Rotterdam! (NL H57)

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