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Nail Art – Grey Wolf Mani

Hello ladies !

I’m sure you already know that Louise at Mommy Loves Nail Polish is having an awesome nail art competition on her facebook page, right?

Well, I am so glad that I have had some spare time today to come up with an entry !

I saw a retro tshirt a while back with a grey wolf on it, and have had the idea stuck in my head ever since that that would be a great idea for nail art. Then this week Eeeek came up with some wicked nail art based on her dog ! Well, I couldn’t not try my grey wolf idea, could I now?!

Grey Wolf Nail Art


I used NarsStormbird‘ (which I have never swatched, but it’s a gorgeous dark cold grey, that applies perfectly, the only problem is it wears off very fast), Barry M’s Grey Nail Paint – which is ever so slightly lighter, to add a bit of relief – and gold, black and white liners. I am so, so pleased that it came out so well – I have such a weakness for grey nail polish.

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Day 14 – Recreate

I love the idea of recreating another mani from the challenge for the last day ! My inspiration was 9 to 5 Nails’ Day 4 – Tulip Mani. I’m pretty tired tonight, we just got back from a weekend back home in Blighty, which I shall tell you more about another time ! It was a very long drive home, and the apartment was a bit of a state. The cats seem pretty happy to see us, which is unusual ! So we’ve cleaned up and unpacked and I just thought I’d put up my last Challenge Post before we order sushi and I have a nice, hot shower.

I used a quick lick of CG Ooh la la pink, then CG Designer Satin; I tried to vary the thickness of the black outline to add a bit of interest, but I think I messed this up on 2 counts – (1) this looks much better on round-ended nails and (2) I didn’t bring the tulips far enough down my nails. Never mind, I’ve learned for next time !

IMAG0397 IMAG0399 IMAG0402

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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 13 – Sponging

I am so sorry for all of the spamming !

I’ll be back on Sunday, so I’ll post the very last mani then, but since I don’t know how much internet connection I’ll have until then, here’s my post for day 13!

The theme is sponging, and I have seen this mani in pastel colours with white dots before, and couldn’t wait to try it out. I also wanted to see what Lapiz of Luxury and Butler Please (both by Essie) looked like together, and the answer is – very pretty !

Day 13 - Sponging Day 13 Polishes

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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 7 – Pastel

So this weekend I added a photo to my gravatar. As much as I love taking photos of my hands, I’m not a big fan of my face, so this is a big step for me !

Today’s theme is a pastel tape mani. I used this as an excuse to try out an idea I’ve been thinking of for a while, it’s a fishtail, but with tape to create a small gap between the colours. I think the lilac is a bit too pale, but this turned out pretty well 🙂


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