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Macro Monday – Purple Peahen

I’m back !

I had a lovely time back home, of course, I grabbed a few nail polishes – the swatches are in progress 🙂

If you follow Eeek, you’ll know that I met up with her while I was over!  She is an absolute sweetheart, it was really lovely. I made the most of the occasion to get her feedback on my first ever nail polish creation !

I’ve decided to call this one Purple Peahen, I only made a batch of three (one of which went to Eeek), and so far, so good, it hasn’t separated or anything. It’s only a few weeks old and needs to sit for a bit longer, but if all goes well, I’ll be selling them on Etsy !


It’s not the  best macro in the world, I admit that freely… So check out Eeeek’s swatch 🙂

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Monday Macros – Illamasqua I’mPerfection collection

Illamasqua - I'mPerfection

Happy Monday… It’s not my favourite day of the week (I work a Monday-Friday 9-6, so that’s pretty normal), so I’m just hoping it goes well 🙂

I’ve been really inspired by Chalkboard Nail‘s gorgeous macros. She has started putting up some freebie macros you can use as wallpapers, how generous is that?! Do check them out, they’re perfect for any nailista.

Now, as my first post shows, I’ve never been great at photos. I’m very proud at having got as far as I have for respectable nail shots! To start with, colour accuracy was my only goal, now I can even get them without being blurry… 

So so far, I have been using a fairly basic lower mid-range digital camera for my shots. Well, the boyfriend loves his photos, and has some high-range camera gear. Which can do macro shots! 

Long story short, involving telling him off for not letting me take my own photos, I have some macro shots for you, now too ! I thought I’d start with my Illamasqua I’mPerfection collection, since when I googled that, there were less than 150 results ! Whoah! 

So do let me know what you think, and if you know anything about shooting macros, advice would be (as always) very welcome 🙂


Illamasqua - Fragile

Illamasqua - Scarce  Illamasqua - Mottle 

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Fanchromatic Nails – Faithful Gardener

I know, I know, I promise to stop spamming you with swatches soon… like, maybe at the end of the month, if you’re lucky !

This is another polish I have been wanting to show you for a long time. I’ll say it right now, I love it. Like, lots!

Faithful Gardener by Fanchromatic Nails is a medium-brown gelly full of gorgeous green matte glitter. Check out the shop on Etsy – you won’t regret it – but your wallet might…

Application is a dream, and two generous coats gave me an opaque, slightly matte finish

Fanchromatic Nails - Faithful Gardener no topcoat


The bottle brush is nothing special, but not bad either, smooth enough, and distributes the glitter nice and evenly. Plus, I just love the uniqueness of this polish ! I’m wearing a lot of green-toned make up recently, and this just looks perfect with it. I’m not sure if I prefer it, but it is very nice with a top coat too 🙂



And lookie ! The Boyfriend was kind enough to take a beautiful macro shot of the bottle for us ! You can see that green isn’t the only glitter colour in there, it’s deliciously complex with browns, shimmery bits (that’s a technical term, don’t laugh!) and even a hint of purple… What a stunner !

Fanchromatic Nails - Faithful Gardener

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