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Hungry Asian Macros – Li-Lacquer and Tickled Pink

Hi guys !

I’m off back home tomorrow for a couple of days, so please don’t be offended if I don’t reply super fast – I’ll be back late on Saturday, and I’ll schedule a couple of posts in the mean time so you don’t get bored 🙂

For now, a couple of Hungry Asian macros for you, to complement the swatches I did a week or so ago – you can click the macro if you’d like to see the original posts


Hungry Asian - Li-Lacquer


Hungry Asian - Tickled Pink



Be good until I get back !


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The Hungry Asian – Li-Lacquer

Here’s another polish that was on my wish list for a little while 🙂

With good reason – it’s a stunner !

Li-Lacquer is, well, a lilac that has some stunning multi-coloured hex glitter mixed in. I really loved the little mini-bottles that I already got from the Hungry Asian, but I love her tall, full-sized bottles too, they are so elegant ! The formula is great, I only needed 2 coats for opacity. You could maybe do it in one if you go heavy-handed. Drying time is pretty good, and there is absolutely zero settling in the bottle 🙂

The Hungry Asian - Li-Lacquer


This polish dries to such a nice finish, I didn’t even top coat it! And those heart-shaped labels are so adorable, everything about this polish just makes me want to squeee !

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