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Guest Post ! Glitter Gradient by Iriel from “Why Only for Parties?”

Hello, guys! I’m Iriel from Why Only for Parties? Brijit had this brilliant idea of swapping guest posts, so I’m here to show you my first successful glitter gradient.

I swear I tried it a lot of times, but it never worked out. But when my A England’s order arrived I just knew that She Walks in Beauty would be perfect for this. I had seen several glitter gradients with this polish, and it looked so gorgeous that I had to try!

These are the polishes I used: Sally Hansen Double Duty as both base coat and top coat, and A England Iseult and She Walks in Beauty. That’s why I like to call this mani: Iseult Walks in Beauty (I know it’s dumb, bear with me!).


I started with base coat and three coats of Iseult. Two are enough if VNL doesn’t bother you. It does bother to me, so I needed three. I’m not really a pink girl, but this shade is a beauty I can’t resist!


Now the fun part! Making a glitter gradient is really easy; you just have to be careful with the amount of polish on the brush. You need to clean the excess of polish out of the brush and leave just a tiny bit. The brush has to be almost dry. First, you start dabbing just below the cuticle and then drag the brush down until you’ve run out of polish. Repeat from the start, dab just below the cuticle and drag down. When you’ve gotten the amount of glitter you want, let it dry a few minutes and finish it with top coat. You will get the hang of it really fast, I promise you. Now let’s see the pretty pictures…

Img3 Img4 Img5 Img6 Img7

What do you think, guys? I hope you liked it!! Don’t forget to check out Brijit’s amazing One Stroke tutorial on my blog Why Only for Parties?

Thanks for reading!!


Really gals, not only is Iriel’s blog great, she also has a giveaway on! So check it out 🙂

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