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I Love Nail Polish ULTRACHROMES – Birefringence – Cygnus Loop – Mutagen – My Little Glacier *photo heavy*

I Love Nail Polish Birefringence I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop
I Love Nail Polish Mutagen brijitsdigits.net

My I Love Nail Polish Ultrachromes arrived! Wow, the first swatches of these have been out for over a month already. It’s kind of a bummer as  a blogger to not be able to get hold of things more quickly, but I guess that’s what I get for living in the land of croissants.

So, I jumped on these as soon as they went live. I’ve ordered from ILNP a few times before, dispatch is usually very fast. This time, it took a few days longer. That was for a good reason (they needed to replace the brushes), but as a paying customer, it would have been nice to have an email to inform me, instead of having to check all the social media accounts to find out what’s going on. Just saying.


I photographed all of these yesterday afternoon; I apologise in advance for the messy clean up and the awkward hand positions; I wanted to swatch them in natural light while the sun was out, so I was working against time, and not in my usual photo-zone. I hear that the best way to get a full colour-shift for multi-chrome photos is underwater. Sorry girls, but I’m not doing that – I don’t walk around with wet hands, I’d much rather show you the polish as it is. So the photos aren’t quite perfect, but I got the colours to come out, that’s the most important thing 🙂 aaaand (and this isn’t easy with ILNP!) they are all still in stock here, if you’d like any.


Ultrachromes are billeted as not needing a dark colour under them to bring them out, so the only base coat I used with these is Nail Foundation. So, you get to see these exactly as they are! I didn’t use top coat either, since these polishes have a naturally glossy finish.


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Brijits Digits Nail Polish Reviewed by Love Varnish

Hey guys!

So I’m having internet problems right now and can’t do much since it won’t let me upload anything (very helpful to a blogger, thanks Free), but I wanted to show you a lovely review that the (frankly gorgeous) Deborah over at Love Varnish did for Brijits Digits Nail Polish! If anyone’s interested, Show your Nettle will be listed as soon as my internet is working again (hopefully within the next 24 hours) and Lavendar Rose will be listed later in the month – if anyone desperately wants one or the other (or both?) I’m happy to create personal listings to ensure that you don’t miss out 🙂

So what are you waiting for?! Click the image to see the article !

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