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A England – Burne-Jones Dream – Briar Rose, Fated Prince, Rose Bower & Sleeping Palace

Okay, so I wasn’t going to post today and here I am posting twice, but this polish is too pretty not to share…

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that gets myself birthday presents? Actually, to be honest, I’m always getting myself presents, whinging “but it’s my birthday (this week/month/year)”….

Well this year, one of my presents to me is this beautiful collection, inspired by the Sleeping Beauty paintings by Edward Burne-Jones. And I’m so glad ! I got the four that were available, and with a little bit of luck, might just have the fifth this week !!!


A England polishes have never really caught my eye before – yep, nice pearly finishes, but nothing that’s really grabbed me. But this collection really stood out, maybe because I’m a sucker for holo !

The formula on these is just perfect. I love the fact that the cap is a little wider than usual – I have always suffered from dodgy joints (that is actually the phrase a doctor used to describe them!) and this means I get hand-cramp quite a lot. But a thicker lid is much more comfortable for me.

I’m not sure if the brush is round or flat – it’s rounder than a flat brush, but flatter than a round brush – but it fans out beautifully and is very well endowed and smooth – and just one stroke is enough for my little finger ❤

These swatches are in a variety of lighting (Halogen where the light is coming from above, LED where the light is coming from below and direct sunlight when they’re flat on to the light, if you like to know these details)

That’s enough talking, it’s photo time !

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Butter London – Trustafarian *picture heavy*

Here’s a great spring/summer polish for you – Butter London – Trustifarian. It’s holographic. Or duo-chrome or something. To put it simply, it has magic in it!

The polish is a bit sheer – I used 3 coats – it doesn’t seem to be altered by top coat, and is very hardwearing (3 days no tip wear with just one coat of top coat – this is unheard of for me!). Also, because the glitter particles are so fine, it’s not too tricky to remove !

Ready for some photo spam?

Butter London - Trustafarian


I know that some of these photos are under neon, some are natural/incandescent lighting and some are LED, but don’t ask me which is which…

Basically, all you need to know is that it’s stunning under any lighting !

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Ozotic – 607 *picture heavy*

Ozotic 607 Macro


I’ve not tried Ozotic before, but I’m glad I have !

The sun has finally come out in Paris, and that makes me want to wear loads of holo polish 🙂 607 totally fits the bill – and the dusty rose colour is very work friendly!

All of these swatches are 3 (thin) coats, it’s nearly opaque all on it’s own! Despite the glittery texture,it removes very easily, and has a totally smooth finish – these photos are without top coat.

This polish is very holographic ! Usually under natural/incadescent (typical indoor lighting), most polish isn’t very holo. You can see that 607 is already glowing, despite the pale base colour !

Ozotic 607 - Natural/Incandescent

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