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I Love Nail Polish – Charmingly Purple

You’ve already heard about how much I love I Love Nail Polish‘s gorgeous boutique nail lacquers. But did I also tell you that the customer service is great?

Well, it is! When I pre-ordered the Spring Collection, there was a little mistake, and I received Charmingly Purple instead of Cutie Pop. So I sent off a quick email to let them know, to find out where I needed to send Charmingly back to, and got a very quick (and apologetic) reply saying that not only would Cutie Pop be sent out pronto, but that I could keep Charmingly ! At first I wasn’t sure, because I already have Chloé, which at first look is similar. But then I put them both side-by-side and realised that I love Charmingly too and that I wanted to hold onto it 🙂 soooo…. here are my swatches, so that you can want it too!
ILNP - Charmingly Purple -001

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#Naillinkup – Rain (April Showers) Nail Art (Dance Legend Teleportation)

I’m so glad it’s the weekend! I work in tourism, so it’s super busy at the moment, and will be for the next 3-4 weeks 😦 which doesn’t leave much time to come up with nail art. But, that’s the beauty of the Nail Art Ideas Linkup, the ideas are pretty simple and you can just do whatever fits with them. And it’s only one theme per week, which makes it easy to keep up!

For the rain theme, I just had to use my favourite holo! I mean, what’s the best thing about rain? Rainbows, of course! and the strongest holo that I have is, without a doubt, Teleportation by Dance Legend. So far, it’s the only one I have from the collection, but I would love the others too, the holo is super strong ❤

#Naillinkup - Rain Nail Art Dance Legend Teleportation  -003I used a dark grey polish to stamp rain clousd from the Vivid Lacquer VL 006 stamping plate. This isn’t one of the ones that was sent to me to review, I bought it with my very own money 🙂 it’s currently out of stock, but has been several times before and seems to be restocked regularly Continue reading

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Dance Legend – 6 – Teleportation

Happy Friday my darlings! It’s the weeeeekend! And it’s all the more sweet because I’m off work next week. All week! ❤

So I will be able to get more organised in my blogging, get out my winter wardrobe and get some lovely new bits and bobs in the Boutique.

When I got in from work, I had 2 packages waiting. One full of lovely supplies (so you’ll be seeing more new items soon!) and one from Llarowe. Yeah, the Llarowe. See, she held a Hallowe’en nail art competition/giveaway, and I was lucky enough to draw a prize! First of all, if you see the sheer number of prizes that go up for grabs on Facebook, well, this lady is super generous! And secondly, my prize is the best!

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Zoya – Pixie Dust – London meets Polish Alcoholic’s Intergalactic Dust

So I did it. I bought a Pixie Dust. I wasn’t sure if I would, since I was so disappointed with Nails Inc Concrete Effect polishes, I thought that maybe the rough finish just isn’t for me. But I have to admit, it’s kind of pretty.

Zoya - Pixie Dust - London


I picked London since – surprise, surprise – it’s the one I’m most likely to wear. It’s actually pretty easy to apply, there’s no noticeable grittiness until it dries. And it dries very fast. I used just 2 coats to get it nice and opaque. It is one heck of a lot prettier than the Concrete Effect. But I still don’t know if I could cope with wearing rough nails for any significant length of time! Continue reading

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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 14. Flowers

My favourite flower nail art is definitely one stroke. I don’t pretend that I’ve got the hang of it 100% just yet; but I treated myself to some nice Roubloff brushes (for my birthday, of course!), and having that quality really does help !

I also used today’s theme as an excuse to test another polish that I’m developing for the Boutique. I can’t decide if it’s nice with just a bit of sparkle, or if it needs some more, what do you think, ladies?


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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 13. Stars

Hello ! I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend?

It seems like those of us in Europe finally have our summer, and it feels good!

For the stars theme, I decided to finally do a galaxy mani – I’ve never done one before ! I used a lot of holo polish (especially Different Dimensions’s Black Delilah), and I just love the colour shifting effect as the light changes 🙂


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