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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 12. Dots

Oops, I’m behind again !

I ended up doing this mani twice, too. The first time, I went for a complicated dotticure, which looked a mess ! So I tried again, and kept it (very) simple 🙂

DSCF5326 DSCF5325

Here’s the Inlinkz for today, do click on it to see everyone’s entry 🙂

12. Dots : 

Or you can click on this last image to go to the reference page and take part !


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Black Sheep Lacquer – Blitz

Here’s another polish I have been wanting to post about since march ! I really love it, but the first swatch I did, I was too impatient, and the colour I used underneath bubbled because I didn’t let it dry… School girl error…

Anyway, I got it right this time ! Blitz is a transparent-blue/gold flakie top coat from Black Sheep Lacquer. I only did one generous coat, over Butter London’s Tea with the Queen (a lovely neutral creme with an apricot tint to it). I don’t have a lot to say about it other than the formula is relatively thick (though not badly), and keeps the flakies suspended perfectly – I didn’t even bother giving this a shake ! Drying time about average, application just fine…

Here’s what it looks like :

DSC03624 DSC03629

I’m totally in love, this is going to be a summer polish, it looks amazing in the sun !

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Guest Post from Bubbly Brunette

I feel incredibly lucky to know other bloggers who enjoy writing up guest posts, as it really helps me to post lots of variety !

Today’s guest post is from Chris at The Bubbly Brunette – she’s done some gorgeous nail art for us, I can’t thank her enough 🙂 I nominated her for a Versatile Award a while back, and I’m so glad to see her blog just getting better and better. I especially recommend her handy Dupe List for those of you out there with a few unobtainable lemmings…


Hi everyone! I’m Christina and I’m the bubbly brunette! I’ve been seeing a lot of animal print lately, so I decided to do some on my nails!


I started with a base of Fishnet Stockings by Essie. Then, I dotted on some splotches of Shifting Power by Essie. Using Revlon Knockout and a small brush  I outlined the gold with small C-shapes and added a few random dots.


This is my first time doing a leopard look, and I’m in love! I can’t wait to try this with other color combinations!


Thank you for featuring me, Brijit!

-Christina @ thebubblybrunette

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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 3 – Green

Well, I feel really intimidated putting my link amongst your gorgeous nail art, ladies ! So I’ve had a big glass of rosĂ© … Here goes !

We all know that there’s just something about gold and green, right?

So this might not look as great in life as it did in my head (hey, it’s often the case, right?), but I went for a circuit board mani :

Day 3 - Green

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Swatch – Models Own – Champagne (NP073)

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and part of what makes it so jolly for me is champagne !

Not just the sparkling wine, but the polish from models own, too ! What would make me even jollier would be a set of models own polishes, but I shall wait and see if they have any good sales in January !

2012-12-02 16.39.30

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Swatch – Sephora – Any Way Any Where (78)

It’s me again! I got bored of the last one and fancied a more summery colour, so here’s a new swatch – Sephora, Any Time Any Where :

This is a pretty pale gold, it’s a very fine but matte glitter. Just one coat is perfectly opaque :


This polish dries really fast, but that means you have to get it on very quickly. However, the matte finish is very forgiving, and – this is very important to impatient me – it didn’t bubble!

The matte effect is very luminous with the glitter, and if you don’t like matte, a lick of wetshine top coat does the trick.

I’m not usually very impressed by Sephora polishes, but this one is great, plus the colour is classy and muted but looks great in the sun!

The fine glitter can be harder to remove than a creme, but the fact that it doesn’t need many coats helps, and it is by no means as hard as a classic glitter to get off.

A great summer shade that works for the office too!

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