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Day 14 – Recreate

I love the idea of recreating another mani from the challenge for the last day ! My inspiration was 9 to 5 Nails’ Day 4 – Tulip Mani. I’m pretty tired tonight, we just got back from a weekend back home in Blighty, which I shall tell you more about another time ! It was a very long drive home, and the apartment was a bit of a state. The cats seem pretty happy to see us, which is unusual ! So we’ve cleaned up and unpacked and I just thought I’d put up my last Challenge Post before we order sushi and I have a nice, hot shower.

I used a quick lick of CG Ooh la la pink, then CG Designer Satin; I tried to vary the thickness of the black outline to add a bit of interest, but I think I messed this up on 2 counts – (1) this looks much better on round-ended nails and (2) I didn’t bring the tulips far enough down my nails. Never mind, I’ve learned for next time !

IMAG0397 IMAG0399 IMAG0402

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Nail Art – French Daisies

Inspired by an upcoming family wedding, and some decals from Claire’s, here’s my take on a girly wedding french, you can see why I call it French Daisies, eh!?

I don’t think a tutorial is needed for this one, I did a normal French then using a fine nail-art brush, added the petals. A dotting tool took care of the centre of the flowers.

Obviously, the colours can be adapted to the colour scheme for a wedding, and using brighter colours, you could get away from the wedding feel and use it for a general spring/summer mani.

Let me know what you think !

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Worth the Effort?

This is an idea I’ve been wanting try for a while… Marbled French tips.

A while ago, I decided to prepare a few marble sheets, using the dry water marble technique (not to be confused with the dry marble technique!). I have since discovered that, rather than using nail varnish to transfer the design, foil glue is much easier to work with.

This is the result :


This is a white Attitude varnish with E.L.F. mango madness and hot pink. The base colour is Stargazer and it’s all been sealed with a quick dry topcoat.

Sorry about the photo background, I’m on the train to work!

The thing is, although a dry water marble is a lot less messy than a wet one, the smile line is kind of messy, and I ended up with dry bits of varnish floating about everywhere. My other hand is a real nightmare! I could only do 2-3 nails at a time without going mad.

Although a dry water marble is a bit more hard-wearing than a regular foil, overworking a topcoat drags the design about horribly.

So, very time-consuming, and I don’t find the effect all that stunning – was it worth it?

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