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Nail Art – Clouds

Just a quick post today 🙂

The sun has come out for the moment, which makes a lovely change – this winter is very wet and grey, we haven’t had many crisp, sunny days.

So here’s a bit of nail art I came up with to cheer myself up !


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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 11 – Beach

Well, I’m going away until Sunday, so I’m afraid I’m about to spam you all with my last manis for the Pre-Spring Challenge ! Sorry in advance, I’m worried that if I schedule the posts, the links might not work properly.

I thought I had such a great idea for this one, but actually it didn’t come out great !

Maybe it would have been better with a little black liner around the swimsuits?

Day 11 - Beach

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Leopard Fake Nails

I went a bit mad on the leopard nail art recently ! I wanted to try a few colour combos, so here we have :

IMAG0089Linger + For Audrey – for a bit of fun

IMAG0093Sydney Sand (CGX 243D) + I’m not a Lion – for a sandy set

IMAG0099Jetstream (096) + Harmony (694) – a girly pink and purple combo

IMAG0102Poetic (687) + Queensland Clay (CGX247) – a neutral with a metallic

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Nail Art – Glittery Tips & Water Marbles

Recently my little sister has been so kind as to offer her services to test/critic some pre-painted tips for me – she’s so good to me !

My mum says she’d like to do some test runs too, but as she has a busy (and artistic) lifestyle, the long tips I send to my sister are no use to her. So I’ve glittered up a couple of short sets for her. These are very simple, but took ages :


While I was at it, I decided to water-marble a set of long tips for my sister. I used China GlazeLinger and For Audrey :

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Swatch – China Glaze – For Audrey (625)


Here’s a big classic : For Audrey by China Glaze. This colour is the reference for aqua-green creme’s. It’s slightly lighter in the bottle than when it’s dried on the nail :


Two coats is all it takes for full opacity, it goes on easily but the formula is quite thin and the brush tends to drip, so be careful with that!

The finish is beautifully shiny and the colour is just a touch darker than a pastel, it looks cool and classy but still pops. Personally I prefer this as a nail art colour rather than as the only colour, as I feel that it washes out my tan a bit – it’s maybe better for the winter, when my skin is paler.

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