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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 21. Stamping

I’m so glad I had this one pre-prepared ! (there’s no point denying it, my fingers are their old colour and my nails aren’t so long)

I had a French mani for work one monday, and on my way home (I have a very long commute) couldn’t decide what to do with it ! Sabrina suggested flowers, and I decided I would stamp them to pre-prepare a mani for the challenge 😀

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OMD Rather Awesome Challenge – 14. Flowers

My favourite flower nail art is definitely one stroke. I don’t pretend that I’ve got the hang of it 100% just yet; but I treated myself to some nice Roubloff brushes (for my birthday, of course!), and having that quality really does help !

I also used today’s theme as an excuse to test another polish that I’m developing for the Boutique. I can’t decide if it’s nice with just a bit of sparkle, or if it needs some more, what do you think, ladies?


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April Challenge – Day 27 – Tutorial –

If you join in the challenge, you can get an extra entry to my 100 followers giveaway on the rafflecopter link. It’s one entry per day though, so if you’ve missed any, please email me at brijit.elouise@gmail.com with your ‘missing links’ and I can add them for you. The giveaway ends in 3 days, so please be quick !


I have to admit something. I have a real problem with people telling me what to do, so although I like looking at tutorials to pick up different techniques, this is the first time I have ever followed a nail art tutorial ! This is the original, click on the picture to see the post : 

Bourjois and Essie Spring Nail art

Pshiiit does some amazing nail art, and the tutorial was very simple, but no less effective 🙂

The only slight changes I made were to the size of the flowers, and to use Maximillian Strasse Her instead of the pale blue that Pshiiit used; like her though, I used Beyond Cosy for the silver 🙂

DSC03835 DSC03840

… Check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

Short and Sweet in Texas 30 Day April Challenge

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Day 14 – Recreate

I love the idea of recreating another mani from the challenge for the last day ! My inspiration was 9 to 5 Nails’ Day 4 – Tulip Mani. I’m pretty tired tonight, we just got back from a weekend back home in Blighty, which I shall tell you more about another time ! It was a very long drive home, and the apartment was a bit of a state. The cats seem pretty happy to see us, which is unusual ! So we’ve cleaned up and unpacked and I just thought I’d put up my last Challenge Post before we order sushi and I have a nice, hot shower.

I used a quick lick of CG Ooh la la pink, then CG Designer Satin; I tried to vary the thickness of the black outline to add a bit of interest, but I think I messed this up on 2 counts – (1) this looks much better on round-ended nails and (2) I didn’t bring the tulips far enough down my nails. Never mind, I’ve learned for next time !

IMAG0397 IMAG0399 IMAG0402

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Nail Art – French Daisies

Inspired by an upcoming family wedding, and some decals from Claire’s, here’s my take on a girly wedding french, you can see why I call it French Daisies, eh!?

I don’t think a tutorial is needed for this one, I did a normal French then using a fine nail-art brush, added the petals. A dotting tool took care of the centre of the flowers.

Obviously, the colours can be adapted to the colour scheme for a wedding, and using brighter colours, you could get away from the wedding feel and use it for a general spring/summer mani.

Let me know what you think !

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