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April Challenge – Day 27 – Inspired by Fashion

If you join in the challenge, you can get an extra entry to my 100 followers giveaway on the rafflecopter link. It’s one entry per day though, so if you’ve missed any, please email me at brijit.elouise@gmail.com with your ‘missing links’ and I can add them for you. The giveaway ends in 2 days, so please be quick !


Today’s prompt is inspired by fashion. This is the one of the whole challenge that has caused me most trouble ! I’ve been poring through magazines to try and find a fabric with a motif I’d like to copy, and I just couldn’t find anything. So I decided to rip a page out of one of those magazines and do a version of a newspaper mani 🙂


Now magazine print isn’t exactly like newsprint, but I think it came off okay ! I didn’t have any rubbing alcohol (or vodka) either, so I used an antiseptic that has about 4% alcohol content (I didn’t want to waste my gin…) – it transferred pretty well. The colours went pretty funky until I topcoated it, then they looked fine.


I’m not sure you can really tell it’s a fashion page, but this is the page I used to start with. I wanted one with pictures small enough to look reasonable on my nails, but I think they were still too large ! : 


… Check out the other entries by clicking on the image below !

Short and Sweet in Texas 30 Day April Challenge

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Pre-Spring Challenge Day 11 – Beach

Well, I’m going away until Sunday, so I’m afraid I’m about to spam you all with my last manis for the Pre-Spring Challenge ! Sorry in advance, I’m worried that if I schedule the posts, the links might not work properly.

I thought I had such a great idea for this one, but actually it didn’t come out great !

Maybe it would have been better with a little black liner around the swimsuits?

Day 11 - Beach

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Swatches – China Glaze – On Safari – Prey Tell (1075), Elephant Walk (1072), I Herd That (1079) & I’m Not a Lion (1080) plus Pure Joy (1113) !

It’s Christmas Eve and I got in from work before dark, which makes a lovely change !

I would not normally quibble with buying 12 polishes in one go, but with all the presents to get for the upcoming festivities, I couldn’t afford the whole collection, so after looking up a few swatches, decided to go for two glitters and two cremes from China Glaze‘s On Safari collection.

2012-12-24 18.24.14

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