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False Nails – French mani – RaNails UV Gels

Hello my darlings, did everyone have a nice week? I missed blogging for the last few days! 

Every other Christmas I go home to celebrate with my family in the UK (my bloke is French, so the other years we celebrate with his family in France). This year, we went to Suffolk. That’s actually quite a way from where I come from, but my mum had discovered a mill that has been converted into beautiful holiday apartments, so we went there. It was wonderful! However, it was the middle of nowhere, and not only was there no WiFi, TV or landline, but there was little to no phone signal too! That was kind of scary to start with – I’m so used to being ‘connected’ all the time – but we got used to it quickly and really appreciated the break.

With all the moving bags and suchlike, my nails got pretty beat up, though 😦 so I decided that it’s time to get out the UV gels and try to make myself some longer nails. Be kind, this is the first time… apart from some disastrous practice fingers…

UV Gel French mani - RaNails-002 Continue reading

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Butterfly Mani/Nail Art

Hello again everyone!

Even though I’m in France this year for Christmas and the New Year, so not with my family, I’m still very busy with going out to see people ! Since this has turned me into a social butterfly (I’m normally not especially sociable, I have a huge commute to work so it’s nice to spend time at home when I can !), this, along with some beautiful, vivid shades from China GlazeTempestPassion in the Pacific and Sexy Silhouette, got me in the mood for a bit of butterfly nail art.

2012-12-25 10.37.50 2012-12-25 10.56.08 2012-12-25 11.36.13


Which is your favourite?

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Winter Wedding Nail Art

My my, it is quiet in Blog-Land this week !

I do hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays with friends and loved ones, or just chilling out at home.

Just a quickie today, a friend got married recently so I made up some falsies for her to pop on for the wedding.

This first one is a Konad stamp in silver over ivory nails painted in Linger by China Glaze. If you can see it clearly, you have a great computer screen !

2012-12-09 15.08.50

The second is a French in Ooh La La Pink with a Konad white stamp to jazz it up.

2012-12-09 15.12.53

The third was a simple mani with a few drips stencilled on (is that cheating?) – China Glaze White Out.

2012-12-09 15.15.23

Can you guess which one she picked for the big day?

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