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MoYou-London Suki Collection 05 Nail Art Stamping Plate

Gosh, it’s only Tuesday! I wish this week would go a bit faster, since I’m not working on Friday…

I got totally addicted to the stamping plates that MoYou-London kindly sent me to review. So, at the end of last year, I put through a big order of ten more! This plate is from the same series as two that I already own – the Suki Collection – it’s number 5 in the series, and did not disappoint!

This plate has XL images. Even though my nails are pretty short at the moment, they are quite wide too, so these XL plates are just great for me!

The images are rectangular, so if you feel intimidated by the plates where all the patterns are mixed up, it’s a good option to go for 🙂

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#31DC2013 – Flowers

Hey ladies!

Well, our internet is being a pain again, it may not be fixed until Tuesday (boo!) so in the meantime, I’ve worked out that if I push my phone right against the window, I can just about get enough 3G to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot. Most of the time. So let’s hope that this post works !

My base colour is Ciaté – Candy Floss. This pink really surprised me, it has a great cool tone to it that is super flattering. The first coat is very sheer and streaky, but the second is just perfection!

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