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#Naillinkup – Festive French

We’ve had a productive Saturday. The groceries are in and we’re (nearly) ready to pack to go away for Christmas. We also went on a trial gym session this morning. I have muscles that ache that I have never felt ache before! The gym seems quite nice. It’s a shame that there isn’t one nearer to the flat, but it’s clean, well-equipped, and everyone seems pretty friendly. The guy that showed us the machines was funny though. He said how my boyfriend would be interested in the weight-lifting machines, but I should stick to cardio, being a girl and all… I did point out to him that there is no reason I shouldn’t try to tone some muscles up, haha…

Anywhoo, that’s enough about my glamourous life! I’m skipping ahead to next week’s Festive French mani because I’m a bit stuck on Winter Solstice. Not all of the themes that we picked for the NAIL linkup are easy! That said, I’m quite pleased that the Winter Solstice is here, it means that the shortest day of the year is over with, and we can look forward to seeing (slowly but surely) more daylight…

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#Naillinkup – Shopping

For me, the best part of shopping at this time of year is buying presents! It’s the perfect excuse to spoil my friends and family 🙂

I also really really love wrapping presents. I mean, printing up pretty labels, adding a tonne of ribbon…. it looks so pretty under the tree ! So my “Shopping” Nails are actually more like gift wrap nails, haha….

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